The lovely Alex came home with me today. He’s currently settling into the spare room as he’s a tad shy. Poor Alex has been a bit unsettled, he originally came from the UK to Perth, then to Taggerty.  A lady adopted him recently (from Melbs) but she had no idea that Bengals aren’t really cuddly lap cats so she was severely disappointed and tearfully gave him back.  This little story alone made me want to give him a good home and having had experience with unsettled/shy cats I think I will do okay.  So for the moment he’s in the spare room with everything he needs and when he gets more confident introductions will occur and we’ll see how he goes. I think he’ll end up being a sweetie.  He travelled very well in the car, with not a peep out of him, I guess he’s used to travelling by now the poor lad.
Tamika is curious that there’s something in the spare room but she’s not overly fussed.  She saw him sitting in the spare room window and sat outside staring, but since coming inside she’s lost interest again!
I’m so sleepy after my 4 hour round trip. My body is all achey and needs a big stretch.  I might go to bed shortly!

~ by Fen on July 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “Introducing…”

  1. A face that shows great curiosity.

  2. Well HELLO THERE Alex!

  3. Gorgeous little guy.Hope they end up best friends.It's hard for any new pet to settle in, and for this fella, it sounds like he's been through some moves. Here's wishing you all a long and happy life together!

  4. What a lovely, intelligent face young Alex has, he'll settle in well đŸ™‚

  5. Why do people force their pets through such long hauls? Poor little mog, I'm glad he's finally reached a safe harbour – isn't he beautiful?

  6. poor baby. at least when he recovers from the disturbance he will know he is in a good place. His tent is magnificent.

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