Thursday, August and warm weather, ooh and cat talk

Apologies to those of you who don’t like cats, because I’m going to be talking about them a fair bit.  Feel free to skip the fur related bits.
I made great progress with Alex last night.  He allowed me to pat him, in fact he went slightly bonkers for some pettings.  He ended up rolling over on his back and showed me his stomach.  For those of you into cat psych stuff, this means he trusts me and is relaxing.  I was so wrapped.

We’ve still got a way to go.  I’m not daft enough to think that one sign of affection is the green light to everything else, so I’m still taking it slowly. 
I spent a great portion of yesterdays balmy 23 degree weather (yes, it’s apparently supposed to be Winter here) in the sun with my clients, it was splendiferous. Just what I needed in fact.  Last night it only got down to 17.3, which is more like a late spring/early summer night.  My dim neighbours put their heater on (it’s a split system and I can hear it) at around 7pm, when it was still 20 degrees.  I had the house opened up with the warm breeze drifting through.  BRING ON SPRING!  All the blossoms are out, the magnolias are blooming, it’s wonderful.  I have jonquils in my garden and hopefully my freesias aren’t too far off.
Oh and somehow we’ve slipped into August already and the year is marching by.  In just over 3 weeks it will have been a whole YEAR since my liver surgery.  A freakin year?! I’m a bit flabbergasted with that to be honest. But also pleased that I have really done quite well since then. I haven’t had many side effects. The mail thing I was worried about, believe it or not, was losing my gall bladder. People had filled my head full of guff about how I’d be sick all the time without it, not be able to eat this that and the other.  To be honest, it hasn’t made any difference.  I’ve always had to watch what I eat, no overly fatty or oily stuff, so I just continued on with this.  The only thing I notice now is that I cannot each large amounts of meat as it gives me the night sweats big time, but that is my liver.  I also can’t eat large meals, I tend to graze my way through the day.  But my tumour is gone and my first year without it has been wonderful.

~ by Fen on August 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “Thursday, August and warm weather, ooh and cat talk”

  1. Yay on Alex rolling over for you :)OMG it's been 1 year already since your surgery?! Thank goodness you're choofing along , so well now šŸ™‚

  2. Happy almost liversary!!!! ;o)Kitteh is SO damned cute. It's great he's starting to warm to you already. We had 25c here yesterday, too! Warm wave!Back to real Wintery weather today, been pissing down most of the day.

  3. HE is Gorgeous!!! Email me? I want to invite you to the private blog.xxCath

  4. He's lovely and I'm so pleased about his progress.I can't believe it's been almost a year since your surgery — time flies far too quickly.

  5. A whole YEAR has passed since your operation?? My God, I can't believe it! You are fit and recovered because you worked VERY HARD to get healthy, and this you deserve! Has your liver regenerated? Oooooooooooooooooooh, what a gorgeous, purrrrfectly handsome moggy – he's utterly adorable, isn't he? I think both you and he are very lucky to have found each other, I can see him settling in on your lap in no time at all. Give him a stroke from me?

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