vent time

[swear warning, avert your eyes if you can’t cope]
I was invited to a BBQ on Saturday night for a friends birthday.  I’d been looking forward to it most of the week.  I got ready then drove the almost hour to the street where the BBQ was being held.  I’d stupidly left the address at work, but I’d thought not to worry, I’ll ring and get the address when I get there.  I at least knew the street name.  When I got there I parked and rang the birthday person’s phone.  It went straight to voicemail.
No worries, I thought, maybe they’re on the phone.  So I sent an sms.  Over the course of half an hour or so I continued to ring and it continued to divert to voicemail.  I must admit, I was beginning to get a little peeved.  I didn’t know anyone else who was going, hence I had no other contact numbers.  So after a bit I decided to cut my losses.  I made a deal in my head that if I got a phone call with the address before I made it back through the city I would turn around and go back.
As I was stuck in football traffic on Punt Road I really began to get pissed off.  Not only was the traffic annoying, I was fucking well hungry and I needed a wee.  So I swung into Hungry Jacks and got fries (and used the facilities).  Awesome.
I got all the way home and still no message.  I dropped in at Nan’s as I knew my Aunts & Uncles were there, I was already regretful of having missed out on this dinner, now I was just silently fuming.  However a night with my rellies calmed me down again.
When I got home I sent a FB message to the birthday person, querying just what had gone on.  
/vent for a bit
Sunday was Father’s Day and I went up to Dad’s.  I got him a nifty little camera for Father’s Day, he’s leaving to go overseas for 5 weeks on Wednesday so it was good timing all round.  He was pretty happy with it and it was nice to be able to give something useful.  I had a lovely dinner up there with Dad & Jen.
the side paddocks

lower side paddocks & neighbours stuff

front garden

more front garden

continue rant….
So I got home lateish and impulsively checked my laptop.  There was a message from my friend.  They basically told me that they got tired and depressed and decided to go to the football instead.  Thank you very much.  You know I get that people get depressed/upset/whatever, I work with people with mental illnesses for fucks sake.  What I don’t get is the lack of common fucking courtesy.   I could have handled an sms telling me not to bother because the person had changed their mind, it would have been nice before I drove a 2 hour round trip.  But no, apparently grown up friends don’t do such things.  And that’s why I’m pissy.  I made a big contribution to the present, not sure it was even received.
To be honest, if the person reads this I hope they get how hurt and angry I am at this behaviour.  And honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever make an effort for that person again, because why would you bother?

~ by Fen on September 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “vent time”

  1. Well, that's just plain fucking rude.Honestly, I find more and more people these days are lacking in the whole common courtesy department.It would be the very 1st thing I would do… to notify everyone the party had been cancelled.People just don't seem to give a fuck about anyone else but themselves these days. True but sad.

  2. Very true Ute, very fucking true.

  3. I can only say it is good thing that they have shown their colours and you no longer invest any energy in them. This is not something internet based where people seem to think it is fine to whatever, but something real life. How could they possibly not let you know it was off? Btw, love your Dad's garden.

  4. Wow…pretty rude. I agree. But…hey…beautiful photos.

  5. Little wonder your mate is depressed, it must be such a pisser living like that (self-centred, inconsiderate and bloody useless to any poor sod who puts up with them).Ah, but that's one gorgeous slice of land your dear old dad has – I trust you'll be gardening it in his absence (ow, ow, ow, I was only JOKING, be nice)!!

  6. I'd be furious, too, especially after the effort you'd made to get there. There's a difference between being depressed and being plain rude and selfish.

  7. I wonder if that's why the phone went straight through to voice mail so they wouldn't be rude to people in person (on phone). Was it depression or just wanting to do something better than be with friends, like going to the football? Football would make me depressed but at least you know where a good toilet is now.

  8. grr i would be so frustrated too! i know ur friend prob didnt mean it but that would REALLY grate on my nerves! esp ignoring phone calls etc. sucks u were looking forward to it!*hugs*

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