Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die

Monica Bellucci

Oh right, sorry, someTHING I want to do, not someONE.  My mistake.


My brain is entirely mush tonight, I have had a day straight out of hell at work.  I’m okay but some of my clients aren’t.  I think I’ll be in bed soonish, I need to rest my weary brain.   I was going to join the gym on the way home and go to the doctors to get my ultrasound results, but home was far more appealing to this brain weary worker.

So something I want to do before I die:

Own a bespoke house, like these Huf Houses

Failing that, I’d like to have sex again:

~ by Fen on September 14, 2011.

8 Responses to “Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die”

  1. Hehehe, well doing her is a tick for the sex thingy box. ;o)What's the ultrasound for luvvy?

  2. Have sex again? Afterwards you will wonder why you bothered.

  3. mmmm yes Ute, a big fkn tick! Liver ultrasound *yaaawn*Do you think Andrew? Maybe, maybe not. Could be fun trying.

  4. My, Ms Bellucci is certainly, um , fulsome.

  5. "not someONE … " gee I dunno fen – I would turn for Monica.and re The Other Thing: yes but it has to be GoodSex. Much harder (no pun) to find than the any-old kind.being a mere vessel for anothers release is so very tedious.wishing you the required, desired, needed UltS result.

  6. yes it is a lovely day and I am glued to chair so relaxed I will not move until laptop battery runs out.just come from twitr where I read yr comment and I was there following The Conversation on this topic -'The second Stephen Fry mentioned Grindr on Top Gear of course its popularity surged. Not only did the app – designed to help homosexual blokes hook up with those geographically convenient – surge in popularity, but Fry put the app on the radar of straight folk. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if heteros could hook up with the same gay abandon as their homosexual chums?Ask, my friends, and you shall receive.Well, sort of.Introducing Blendr. With an insipid moniker conjuring up images of pulverised fruit and church-run mixers, Blendr is designed to aid the straight person in pinpointing those in their vicinity who are panting and salivating for a little…Friendship.Networking.Business.Good lord! Weren’t we promised hook-ups?Whereas Grindr not only has a Stephen Fry endorsement, but has a name – and a bondage mask logo – that encapsulates exactly what it’s all about. Be it frottage – fondly known as the “dry root” at my high school – the bump-n’-grind dance style, or a more vivid way to describe certain penetrative sex styles, Grindr’s objectives are explicit.'x x bwca brownie

  7. BWCA Brownie, is that really you?I have never spoken about Grindr nor Blendr on twatter, so maybe you're getting me confused somewhat. Never mind. Besides which Blendr is for iClone only, until there's an Android version I ain't interested. Probably not interested anyway, I'm quite satiated with my own company, introducing someone else into the mix is only asking for tears.

  8. ok I kinda get it now, via twitter. Hah. My brain hurts, ultra late nights & I no longer have a good working relationship 😦

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