Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity

How do you have a picture of your biggest insecurity if it’s yourself?  Do I just do a self portrait?  I mean I’m not insecure with everything about me, but bits and pieces.  I’m feeling insecure because I put on weight after my surgery.  I don’t like not fitting into my clothes, I don’t like the flabby stomach and muffin top that has appeared.  But I’m working on it.
I started at the gym this week, I did a Core class on Monday, 30 minutes of full on abdomen workout.  Then on Wednesday I did an hour Body Combat class.  That almost killed me!  But despite the fact that I’m sore and tired, I will do it again next week.  I was going to go to Body Balance tonight but I’m exhausted.  I’ve had a massive day with my clients and I just want to sit in the silence and do nothing.
I’m not even too sure what I’m doing this weekend, I know I have to do a big grocery shop at some stage, I’m out of so much stuff there’s really nothing to eat.  I might have to resort to having porridge for dinner!
So here’s a silly pic of me and my biggest insecurity, me:

Oh PS – I feel insecure coz no one comments on my blog anymore.  Well Ute does coz she’s awesome.

The End.


~ by Fen on September 23, 2011.

15 Responses to “Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity”

  1. There was something in the Green Guide about how blogs are dying. I might end up being the last blogger standing. Sounds like it is a night for you to just stare blankly at the tv screen and chill.

  2. Nooo Andrew, I've been blogging for 10 years, I'm not about to stop now.I'm playing with my pussy tonight, it's got new toys!

  3. I commented 9 days ago – !Update your blogroll with people who still comment!Enjoy playing with your pussy tonight Mrs Slocombe!

  4. Yeh I should update my blogroll, I keep meaning to then forget.My pussy is more interested in eating my damn laptop cord, he just got scolded at and has gone off in a huff!

  5. *preens*I have to agree with Andrew, Blogging is dying. I've barely received comments lately, and not many of my mates are blogging anymore. I've given up blogging this week, other than the last one…. whats the point?!Maybe it's that everyone is fixated with fkn FB and it's pain in the arseness?You got nuthin' to be insecure about with your body Fen… iz hawt. ;op

  6. i like your blog, its honest, and makes me giggle sometimes but soon as i get on the computer i have an attack of the dumbs and cant think of anything to write (until now)from the hope st baldy

  7. Great pic 🙂

  8. That photo was a few kilos ago.Your blog is good as ever and you are the cutest.

  9. You know the drill, to get comments you must comment elsewhere.Get off your bum. Do it.

  10. Actually RH, I am about the same weight in that pic & how do you know whether I comment on others blogs or not?

  11. Good heavens, always wanting an argument with poor RH. You are not the same weight in that pic, and seldom comment anywhere; I know you too well, you are insular. Basically.Blogging is like lending money, comments are bills of exchange, you deposit them elsewhere and get repaid. Okay? Wake up to yourself.-Robert.

  12. Argument? Pointing out fact is not argument, if you think it is then what a way to live ones life. You have no idea when the photo was taken and what weight I was, I do.You also don't have access to the 50+ blogs that are in my reader every day, most of which I leave a comment on, hence you are wrong on that count too.Go "argue" on someone elses blog, I'm not that hard up for comments.

  13. You were 55 kilo in that pic, wringing wet.But go easy, I've had a difficult life. Read the nice thing I've said about you on Copperwitch. -Robert.

  14. Oh good lord, I've not been 55kg since my teenage years. That's the curse of being tall, you weigh more too!

  15. What a blog. Anonymous says it's honest. I agree, and say frankness, an extraordinary high level.

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