Tumour time again (take two)?

Well I made it through a year and after finally going to get my ultrasound results today it appears I have grown myself another liver tumour.  The doctor and I are assuming it’s another Focal Nodular Hyperplasia.  It’s hypoechoic so one can assume that it’s probably not cancer.  I have opted to wait a couple of months and then go for a CT scan and see if it has grown.  At this stage it’s just under 1cm, so a little weeny one compared to the 10cm one I had removed a year ago.
I’m not that fussed.  To be honest I’ve been expecting there might be something amiss, I’ve been feeling pain again especially after eating, so I almost figured something was up. It is what it is and I’m feeling laid back about it.  A little grumpy that I’ve grown another one after only a year, but what can you do eh.  It’s more annoying that it’s rare and no one knows much about them, so I can’t really google much info on recurrent FNH’s.  I wish I had the number of a hepatic specialist that I could ring when I wanted a chat and to pick someone’s brain.  Alas it seems whatever I grow, it’s a bit unusual and no one knows much.
My endometriosis has been playing up big time lately too.  But that’s another surgery and I’m not willing to do it yet. That’s going to have to get super unbearable before I commit to surgery, because I’ve already had 2 in 2 years.  Aaah my poor body!!!!
I’ve also got a referral finally to have a colonoscopy done (from a hot, young gastro specialist!).  There’s a 6 month wait (public, I don’t believe in health insurance) and I’m cool with that.  I’ve not been having any symptoms so I’m pretty sure this will be straight forward.  It’s just smart for me to get them regularly because my Mum had her first bout of bowel cancer when she was 44, eventually dying from recurrent cancer 10 years later. Better to be safe than sorry.
It’s been a weird old day here.  I had an RDO so I got to get all my stuff done.  As I stepped out of the doctors the heavens opened and a big storm cell moved over us.  It’s been storming on and off for the last 2 hours, I’ve been as excited as a small child.  

I’m under the red near Moorabbin Ap.

Earlier this morning we had another cell move through and I went down to the beach.  It was too grey to be very impressive, but it was nice to get to the beach and enjoy the warm weather.  It’s since gone cold and miserable.


~ by Fen on September 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “Tumour time again (take two)?”

  1. Not great news on the medical front. I've had my own issues, but I am saving them up for when I get an all clear. It was my day off too today and not so bad in the morning. Nasty this afternoon and I recall the very same radar image. It looks very messy now, but I love thunder and lightening.

  2. Aw I hope you're okay Andrew. Bit tedious these medical issues, but you have to do your best.Matching days off huh, we should have done brunch 😛

  3. Can't believe your luck with health issues. Perhaps it's high time you went out and bought a lottery ticket… luck's gotta change soon, huh?!We've just got our 2nd storm front, and expecting hail and high winds.Love it! Well, as long as the power doesn't go out.Hugs 'n big wet sloppy one's coming your way. xoxoxox

  4. Damn, sorry to hear your news, Fen, hope the rotter dries up and drops out of sight xxx

  5. Ooo worked out to comment from my moby! Fugg! your body needs a break! Big hugs to you. That stormy weather sounds right up my alley!

  6. dear Fen I am sorry you have this thing to worry about and can only say 'please try not to stress' because the most likely outcome is that you will be absolutely fine, and that's what I hope for you.Yes, The Weather. I am cat-sitting a beautiful Burmese in a beautiful house but listening to the plop plop of a drippy lightwell onto newspaper I have put down over the designer carpet. 30mm in the raingauge outside in past 16 hours.X X

  7. That sucks about your medical issues; you deserve some time without the inconvenience and pain *hugs*.Crazy weather this week! I was in the city on the hot, windy morning and got drenched an hour later at the office. Weird.

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