Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member.

Ha ha ha ha, not sure why I’m wearing the dunces hat!  My PJ’s are rocking though. Jealous much?  So of course that’s my little sister and my Dad too.
I had a good weekend. I did the chicken roast in the Weber on Saturday night and the consensus (between the 2 of us) was that it was amazing.  So moist and delicious.  I’m so getting the hang of this BBQ.  I’d really like a meat probe *snorts* so that I am more aware of when things are properly cooked.  Breville make a smashing one.
Shame I’m not having a birthday any time soon.  I shall not wish that Santa day to hurry up either.
And in other excitements my gorgeous friend who I used to sleep next to every night in the UK (okay, well we were separated by a wall) GOT ENGAGED.  So I now have to save my dosh for flights and accommodationals and my annual leave for a trip to the UK.  I’m so so so so very happy for her, she’s a wonderful bundle of brilliance.
the housemaates are escaaaping

~ by Fen on October 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member.”

  1. "I'd really like a meat probe *snorts*"BAHAHAHAHA!

  2. no meat probes for this vego, but the photos are lovely – that is so not a dunce-hat – it's a Princess hat silly.x x annie o'dyne

  3. I suppose I knew, because he is not even so bad now, but your dad was handsome when he was young. In a sickenly ingratiating manner, you must have gotten his looks.

  4. oh Hot Andrew – Fen Mere was gorgeous too.

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