I’m over the 100 days of photos, I got to day 28! Hah. It’s becoming repetitive, a lot of the topics were almost the same.  I’ll just stick with posting my usual swathe of cat pics.
Speaking of which, here’s one of Alex, if you click through to Flickr and make it LARGE (or click on the word large), you can see the gorgeous glittering in his fur.  
glittery boy
I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up (as I’m sure do a lot of Melburnians) and I can’t wait.  Feels like a little holiday.  I’m not going away coz I am attending my Nan’s 84th birthday on the Sunday, but I don’t mind one bit.  I’m happy to shuffle about my abode, talking to myself and the cats.  It’s what I do best.
I’m so ready for bed but it’s 8:10pm. *sigh*

~ by Fen on October 24, 2011.

8 Responses to “Finito”

  1. Why do you have a 4 day weekend? Share?Ha! I wondered whether you'd do the whole 100 days. I know I wouldn't. 30 days was plenty.Yeah, I feel ya on the going to bed early thing. It's only 8pm here, and I'm fair knackered.

  2. ooh coz Tuesday is Melbourne Cup holiday and Monday I took one of my last 2 RDO's. Yippee. I've made it til 8.30 and once I've read all the blogs in my reader I'm under that doona quick stix

  3. Gorgeous Alex!

  4. That pusskin gets more and more handsome!

  5. Is the fur glitter natural?

  6. yup Andrew, it sure is, it's a natural part of Bengalses

  7. I could never do 100 days of photos. I barely take a photo a week. I'd end up posting nothing but cats, guitars, and pictures of my TV screen day after day.

  8. He's a gorgeous kitteh.A four-day weekend sounds great. I've just picked up a colleague's work and have been so tired I've fallen up the stairs twice today.

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