Photowalk Friday

I have a lovely client who is very artistic, so we decided today to do a photowalk in Prahran.  It was a nice warm day, blowing a fierce wind & full of hayfever inducing materials, however we had a brilliant time.

Here are a few of my snaps. (you can click on them to go thru to flickr and see the bigger pics)

Love the way this tree has been pruned around the powerlines.  That’s my little silver work car underneath!

wogs are here
I guess this is typical of how Italians decorated their fences back then.

Love this greenery, but I can’t help wonder what the roots of that plant are doing to the brickwork on both the fence and the house.

the blue door
This blue door looks brilliant. It really stands out against the weathered brickwork.  I’d love to take a peek behind that door.

This poor little place needs some loving. I’d be quite happy to take over and give it the love it needs.

That is just plain old ugly. It needs trees and some TLC.

dust beneath the wires
When you look up it’s amazing how many wires are overhead.

This is where we were. Just off Malvern Rd and up a nice quiet street.  Seems like a lovely place to live.

ye olde food store
Milk Bars/Corner Shops are a rare breed nowadays. This one’s a little eclectic but I’m sure they get reasonable trade tucked away back there.

The façade of this place had been done up, maybe a pointer for the ugly joint up there. It does need some greenery though.

It’s now raining after a storm passed through earlier.  It wasn’t much of a storm here but enjoyable none the less.  I’ve got 4 days off and I’m looking forward to it quite a lot.


~ by Fen on October 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “Photowalk Friday”

  1. Nice work Fen. The tangle of wires is amazing. In the same photo we can see the two cranes from home.

  2. What a pity our councils can't learn from yours in regard to pruning trees. No joke, it's a joke here…. what would normally be beautiful tall trees, look like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Stunted and ugly.Love the photo blogging! Have a good LWE!

  3. Ooh Andrew, you must have quite the view. They're putting in more Office of Housing stuff, more highrise blocks or something. I'm dubious about them stuffing yet more people into that area :(Ute maybe you could send them a pic and a few pointers! 😛

  4. I love the first pic; amazing how trees adapt by force to our electricity needs! The rain was crazy yesterday; I left work in a light drizzle and five minutes later was dodging car accidents.

  5. I'm with you on the needed greenery on those ugly block of flats – yick, 1960s builders went for the shoddy and cheap option.It's amazing the number of overhead wires there are, don't realise how much space they take up until you look at old pre-electric photos and see clean, clear spaces!

  6. great photos thanks ditsand yes that is an excellent update on the facade of that obviously Sixties cheapo flats block.

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