Three days was the morning. My focus three days old

aaaah Jane’s Addiction lyrics, I still love that song. Nothing like playing all 10 minutes of it really loud.  Not now though, my poor ears are shattered. Loud noise makes me wince.
Operation Head Cold is in full swing. I’ve moaned and groaned my way through the last 3 days, luckily it’s just the cats that have to put up with me.  It’s been nothing short of horrid.  Today I went back to the doctors and got antibiotics so here’s hoping that clears it up quickety split coz I am taking my Nan to lunch at my Dad’s on Sunday and I need to be well for that.  
I also got my CT scan referral and booked in for Tuesday.  The receptionist asked me about having chemotherapy and my eyebrows shot upwards, making the sound of finger nails across corduroy.  Here’s hoping she was making one hell of an assumption.  Oh well, I’m too full of snot to care at this stage and it’s there so there’s no changing that.
Anywho, trying to eat this bowl of porridge so I can then ingest my first antibiotic.  It’s unappetising given everything tastes of nothing right now.  
Have I mentioned I hate being sick?  Give me surgery any day 😛

Oh ps – I got a letter today saying they’re going to install my smart meter! Do I have to have one? Can I refuse to get one? Or shall it become #OccupyAnalogMeter

~ by Fen on November 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Three days was the morning. My focus three days old”

  1. Yeah, I hate how when you've got a cold, nothing tastes of anything. Fingers and toes all crossed that you don't get negative news on the CT scans.WV: bleepi. lolz ;o)

  2. Mother hand wrote a sign and stuck it on her meter box, No Smart Meter. Sadly it had already been installed.

  3. All bits crossed Ute! Bleepi is about right too!!Andrew I just LOL'ed at your dear Mother. At least she won't get another one!

  4. you might be able to refuse smartmeters after todays news that they spontaneously combust.good luck.and best wishes for the desired scan result. x x annie o'dyne

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