Relaxing Sunday

Last night I heard of the news of the death of Sarah Watt.  Sarah was a writer, a director, an artist, she was also the wife of William McInnes and they had 2 lovely kids. Her work is brilliant, the film “Look Both Ways” is one of my favourite Australian films.  I knew she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer not long after making Look Both Ways and when I heard of her death I was genuinely sad.  If you like, take the time to read this article, written in The Age last month.  It’s is poignant.  R.I.P to a genuinely amazing lady and my heart goes out to Will & the rest of her family in this time of sadness.
Today I spent the day with my family at my Dad’s property in the Dandenongs.  It was quite a warm, but overcast day and I picked my Nan up and drove up there.  I’d almost forgotten the Sunday tourist drivers until we got onto the one lane stretch of Wellington Rd and the traffic slowed right down.  Ah well, cruisey!  The Dandenongs, and Dad’s garden, were looking magnificent.  The recent wet but warm weather has meant everything is lush and green, looking at its best.  Nan was impressed as we showed her around the garden.  Lunch was delicious and I felt nice and relaxed by the time we headed for home.
(just had to rush off to stem a blood nose, seems all this sneezing and snotting has made my nose fragile)
Speaking of nasal fun, I purchased myself this:
A NOSE DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!
I must admit, the word douche did not appear once on the packaging, so I had a good laugh when I saw that written.  Now I regularly tell myself I need a good douching!  It does help however, clearing my poor sinuses and helping remove that pesky schnot.  BTW if you’re going to tell me douching my nose gives me the bloods, wrong. It’s very gentle, no stinging, no mad pressure up my nose, easy peasy.
So, after a week off it’s time to go back to work tomorrow. (oh & ps the doc says I had the flu… it’s possible, it was nasty enough).  I’m kinda anxious about it, I feel really bad for having so much time off. But it will be good to get back into things and see how all my clients are doing.

~ by Fen on November 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Relaxing Sunday”

  1. Well, the best way to help your clients is to see them when you are fit and well, hon, I'm sure they must understand. Sorry you've been under the weather, sounds like a family day shared eating and relaxing was just what you needed.Oh, your dad is back from our isle? Hope he had a great time!

  2. I hope you took some snaps of your father's garden to share. OMG, I can't believe I am going to write a post about douching.

  3. He had a great time Shrinky!Andrew, I didn't but I will go back again soon and will take some just for you. I even took my proper camera today dammit.

  4. Sometimes a good douche is just….necessary.

  5. Nose douche, hey? Next time a pimply 12-year-old is trying to help me at the pharmacy, I might ask where the nose douches are kept. I hope you're feeling better.I'm housesitting from next week for a dog and two cats, one of whom has thyroid tabs twice a day. I wasn't told that until after I said yes!

  6. ha ha Maria, indeed!Nic my old old cat Elliott is on renal tablets, at nearly $200 a month. I'm trying to get Dad to give the poor old bugger his wings, he's skin and bone :(Might need you to babysit my two again… eeek!

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