I am such a twit!!

So I got my CT scan results. The verdict, that I know of 100%, is that I am a prize fool.
I originally misread my tumour as being 7.1mm.  It was actually 71mm.  SEVEN CENTIMETRES. It is now 78mm or nearly 8cm. Woopsies.
What I don’t know is what it is – malignant or benign, why it’s there and what’s going to be done.  I do know they’re calling it cystic, something that my last tumour was not.  So now I have to try and get in to see my specialist and take it from there.  I’m not really impressed, but hey, this is what I went through last time, so at the very least I am used to the process.
I’m just kicking myself that I thought it was so small, when in fact it isn’t.  It’s almost the size it was last time, only this is in the space of a year.
To cheer me up, Mother Nature has been putting on a lovely storm show.  After a day of humidity that felt like walking through invisible fog the heat has now broken. The really severe stuff has missed here.  We had a good light show, with pouring rain and very dark dark clouds.  I’ve seen pics of hail bigger than 20c pieces and heard stories of far worse.  There’s another cell coming through later, but it doesn’t look as severe on the radar.
incoming 3

~ by Fen on November 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “I am such a twit!!”

  1. This, is awful news.Awful, awful, fuckingawful.Geez, you just haven't caught a break this last year or so, have you?I'm sorry Fen. Sending you MASSIVE hugs. xoxoxoxoxoOh, and the storm pics are awesome. x

  2. yers, not much fun in that news eh. Bloody stupid liver!

  3. Bollockingtitwank is right – all our fingers and paws are crossed for you.

  4. Bugger! Through the process, as you must do.

  5. I'm not a hug commentor and I'm giving it all a rest anyway but if i see you in Chapel street I will grab you. Hug.

  6. the storm was amazing in it's intensity and sudden appearance – appropriate for your mood really.You must do the hardest thing and TRY TO NOT WORRY. love from Mount Helen.

  7. Butteryfeck, hugs and best wishes for you and your damn liver xxx

  8. I am very sorry to hear about the bad news. I don't know what to say, but I hope they can do something about it soon.

  9. This is just craptapulous, Fen. And I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier but my blog feeder isn't playing nicely so I missed your post. I hope you can get in to see the specialist as soon as possible to learn exactly what you're dealing with *hugs*.And great storm pics :-).

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