Saturday Night’s All Right

Been catching up on my shows tonight. Well mainly Private Practice, Greys Anatomy & my favourite, Being Erica.  If you haven’t seen Being Erica, I highly recommend it, it’s a lovely Canadian show. I currently have a crush on Reagan Pasternak, I don’t usually go for blondes.
I went to the gym today, finally felt better after a 2 week break thanks to the flu.  It felt good to be exercising again. I’m going to book in for another assessment this week and get them to modify my program.  I want to lose as much weight as possible and also tone up in preparation for the possibility of surgery.  Now I don’t know for sure that it will happen, but it’s highly likely and I’d like to be in the best shape possible before it happens.
I picked up my CT scans this week, it was interesting to see what’s currently inside of me.  Tumour and surgical clips FTW!  Ha ha ha.  I also faxed off my referral to St Vincent’s, so I’m hoping they get back to me asap about a consult with my specialist or surgeon. It would be nice to have a bit more knowledge other than yes you have a 7.8cm “tumour”.  Not knowing if it’s benign or malignant or what they will do about it is a tad annoying.  My gut feeling is it’s a big cyst sort of growth and that it should be okay, but heck, I’m no doctor, that’s what someone else gets paid the big bucks for.  So I’m waiting for that said someone to take it upon them self to let me in on the secret.
there it is, in it’s lovely roundness, the bright bits are surgical clips (apparently)
side view, with added ruler thing!
alternate view, with added alien like creatures! (& my spine)
Trust me when I say I’m not stressing, because I’m not. There’s nothing to stress about yet. I am however frustrated and angry, but these are also pointless emotions as I can’t do anything to change what is reality.  I am doing my best to be patient and wait for the process that I loathe to occur.  At least work isn’t too far from the hospital *sigh*.
In positive news, my sister has scored herself a job, all the way from South Africa.  She’s going to be teaching at a school not far from my house next year. Very happy with that news and I’m hanging out to be able to spend more time with her again.
So my lovely Saturday is drawing to a close. I scored myself 2 pairs of sandals on sale today, as well as a hat.  I needed all of the above for work, and the sandals had to be comfy as I tend to do a lot of walking about with my clients. So feeling very pleased with myself as I HATE shopping. Next pay I need to update my summer work wardrobe as it is practically non existent and well, summer is marching in.  Hooray.
I hope you’re all having lovely weekends and if not then come around and I shall give you a big squeezey cuddle and the cats will entertain you x

~ by Fen on November 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “Saturday Night’s All Right”

  1. A girl who hates shopping? Odd!

  2. Couldn't get much more intimate with you, than pics of your insides! xWV: spend!

  3. Meh, hit the shops early in the morning before the airheads and teens get out of bed to play at being Mall rats *shudder*

  4. I don't like shopping either. I don't like the canned music, the bad drivers and people who walk bloody slowly in the middle of walkways. My goodness, that's a crazy tumour. I hope St V's can get you in quickly *hugs*.

  5. Thanks for sharing your inside bits dude! šŸ˜‰

  6. Hi. My name is Robert, too self-conscious for appointment cuddle, but grand and operatic in the street.-Robert. xxx.

  7. Weird, my blogger page says I have 2 comments until I click on the comment thingy then I have 6. Like magic. Oh well. Carry on.

  8. I'm jealous…not of the tumor, of course…but the HAT. I cannot wear hats. I just look stupid in them and I look at hat wearers with coveting malicious looks…

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