R.I.P. Elliott(paloozacat)

R.I.P. Elliott

My old mancat had to be put to sleep today, he was approx 16-17 years old. He was my first rescue cat & would do anything for food! He was a corn fiend, sometimes I’d find the bin pulled apart because there was a corn cob in there that Elliott just had to have! He was a very timid cat, but he loved me to bits and was my shadow for a lot of the time.

When Alice arrived they fast became best friends and could often be found cuddling. Often both squeezing onto my lap at the same time!

I had him for 12 years then he went to Dad’s with Alice (in the big pic) when I moved to London.  They both lived out their years on the farm. It seemed cruel to take them back to an apartment after they’d been living up there.   Elliott used to spend a lot of time in the barn, up on the haystacks, stalking mice and rats.
Elliott’s kidneys started failing a little while ago now, I often wondered how he’d made it this far.  I saw him a couple of weeks ago and gave him a little cuddle.  I was pretty sure it would be our last time.
R.I.P Elliottpalooza cat, you were lovely.

~ by Fen on November 22, 2011.

9 Responses to “R.I.P. Elliott(paloozacat)”

  1. <3So sorry for your loss, Fen.xox

  2. He was cute and looks somewhat like our late Thomas who when you nursed and stroked him, he would drool all over you. Elliot, a good life, well lived methinks.

  3. What a dear sweet gentleman was Elliott! A long and happy life had he.

  4. Beautiful photos of your beautiful boy now in cat heaven.my precious black Felix cat was 17 and it was kidney failure too, in 1985 and I still miss him. Massive sympathy and love from me.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. I've had to put 2 down and it's never fun.

  6. A lovely looking cat too. As an animal lover myself I know how sad you'd be feeling. I'm so sorry.

  7. It just rips the heart out when they go. The nephew is still grieving for Lucy and when the wire door banged last night, I automatically got up to let her in.

  8. I'm so sorry about Elliott kitty. What a live well lived and a grand cat he was *hugs*.

  9. Oh, dear. So very sorry!

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