Help Wanted!

Hello, yes, it’s been a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy, and not busy, and tired.  Really tired.  This time of the year drains the lifeblood from you. If you want proof of that just look at my clients, we’ve got hospital visits and general mental unwellness.  I’m busting out of my skin for my 10 day break over the Christmas/NY break. 10 days for me is the first proper paid break I’ll have had in um, let me see, ooh about 7 years.  I shit you not. I moved overseas nearly 7 years ago and after I came back I studied then worked casually, so no holidays for me.  The only “break” I’ve had was the 2 months off after surgery, but that was hardly a holiday.  So needless to say I’m really fucking grateful to be having a mere 10 days off.
I’ve just scratched the beejeebus out of my eyes and now I’m sniffing and sneezing. Damn hayfever!
The purpose of this blog is not to talk tosh about holidays, no, it’s to ask for help.  See I’m meant to be going to a New Years Eve Trash Masquerade with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, my awesome ex flatmate is paying for me to go. See, there are ace people left in this world.  I wasn’t going to go, coz I freaked at the thought of having to dress up.  I hate fancy dress.  

And then I thought WTF Fen, what else are you going to do? Sit at home talking to the cats like you do every other night?  I’m staring down the barrel of more surgery, so why not go out and enjoy life and let your (newly cut) hair down and just be silly.  So I accepted the brilliant offer of a ticket and said why the heck not.
So herein lies my dilemma…. what do I wear?  I have found the dress below, do you think it’s suitable for trashy masquerade.  Of course you have to wear masks, so I’m going to have to get one of those too.  And I’m sure I can alter the dress, I’ve already got my Aunt on board, she’s a whizz with a sewing machine  And my hair, what can I do with my hair?  Why do I have no sense of style and creativity LOL.
it’s purple & black, the front is about 10 inches shorter than the back
So anyway, once I know we’ve got tickets, I will start preparing. Also stressing. But it should be fun no?
I put my tree up today and so far the cats haven’t destroyed it.  Alex tried to nick off with the lights before I’d even got them on the tree, but he’s been good so far.
My little tree
I went to Aldi early this morning, to beat the mad Xmas crowds. I had a good laugh when I saw this hair dye.
Kur means dick in Macedonian!
Kur means dick in Macedonian!
And lastly I took this pic last weekend as I sat in my car at the big tin shed hardware store (that leaked like a sieve I might add).  What a wet day that one was!
The big wet I
So to conclude today’s random brain dump, um, I want the warm weather back. I just put the heater on. Coz I’m chilly. Maybe it is because I cut 3 – 4 inches off my hair. Uh oh.

PS – this made me giggle like an idiot – How many Mobys are there?


~ by Fen on December 3, 2011.

10 Responses to “Help Wanted!”

  1. Formally trashy by the photo. How can a relatively new large tin shed have a roofing leak? And, you would think they would have a product to fix it.

  2. It had me perplexed. They had buckets and containers all over the joint. I counted at least 10 different spots and I was only up the garden end!!

  3. And some places just never get around to fixing leaks. Our supermarket, every single time it rains- bucket on aisle 1,2,3,4,5,6!That dress looks awesome just as it is! A feathery mask will finish it off perfectly I reckon. Lucky you… never been to a fancy dress/masked thingy before.I wanna see your new hairz!

  4. at least in Bunnings they don't run out of buckets!!My hairs the same, just shorter. I'm boring!

  5. Ahhh, this do sounds just what you need, you'll have a ball – literally! Love, love, love the flouncy frock, I think it's perfect just as it is. I put our main tree up today, too – your tree looks great, I'm actually feeling "Christmassey-ish" now!Glad you're having holiday time, sounds like it's long overdue. Enjoy, oh and I want to see LOTS of pics of you in that dress, complete with masque..!

  6. Luuuurve that dress Fenz!!!! Hot! A sexy eye mask will finish off the whole outfit. That's so good to hear you get a break finally, and have a fun nye plan. I'll be at home talking to the kids?! Husband-less 🙂 I'm feeling so oldz!!!!!

  7. … and how many other reisque Macedonians words do you know?re the ensemble as it is shaping up – I am going crazy trying to recall name of famous european woman, possibly fin de siecle, who dresses like that – feathers in hair, long cigarette holder, smudgy dark smouldery eyeshadow, dark red lips,anyhow you will be belle of the ball and i hope you have the most fabulous night.

  8. ooh Ann I know a few!!!

  9. oh you knew what I meant despite my tpyos! risque.Your Brunnings In The Wet photo is her name nowMarquesa Casati and this links to some pics except the blogger doesn't realise that it is marisa berenson dressed as Casati, for Baron Alexis de Rede's 1970 Proust costume ball, but it is gorgeous so who cares …X X Annie O'D

  10. Love the dress!!!!

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