Cheese Dreams

How remiss of me, this post has been brewing in my brain for the last few weeks, I’ve only just remembered it now.
It revolves around my sleeping life and my dream state.
If I eat cheese with dinner I have the most vivid, if not nightmarish dreams.  It’s only since my surgery last year, I never experienced it before then.  A lot of the time I don’t even make the connection until the next morning, when I have awoken from a completely baffling/violent/gory/wtf dream and a while later the light bulb goes off.

Yup, I ate cheese with dinner.

I think I am going to do an experiment on myself. Just like the British Cheese Board did in 2005. They did a study with 200 volunteers and gave them different cheeses and recorded if and what sort of dreams they had. Whilst they reported that the cheeses didn’t cause nightmares, they found a correlation between the types of cheese and what sort of dreams the volunteers had.

“When it came to dream type, it seemed that Stilton caused the most crazy dreams, with 75 per cent of men and 85 per cent of women eating Stilton experiencing odd and vivid dreams.”

“British brie tended to give women nice dreams, such as Jamie Oliver cooking dinner in their kitchen, while the men had odd dreams such as having a drunken conversation with a dog.”

Apparently there’s something in cheese called tryptophan, an amino acid, that can make your dreams change. There appears to be a well established link between tryptophan and lucid dreaming, so I’m not surprised that cheese can make people’s dreams alter.

It’s a real shame I can’t actually eat a lot of cheese. My gall bladder was removed when they chopped my liver in half and because of that too much cheese can make me illish.  Bummer.



~ by Fen on December 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cheese Dreams”

  1. Hahahah, "Cheeeeeeese, Grommit!"Yeah, I often get weirdo dreams if I happen to eat a bit of cheese before nigh,nights.

  2. Blimey, and here was me thinking all that was just an old wives tale! Hubby dreams. A lot. The shouty kind.. often accompanied by the kick me up the bum, or poke me me hard in the back, type of dream.Last night I punched him.

  3. Cheese has always given me nightmares!! I worked it out when I was a kid. Even now, it gives me really disturbingly, terrifying nightmares 😦

  4. […] blogged about my cheese dreams in the past, I still get those, though a lot less than I used to.  (not sure what happened to the formatting […]

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