Help Again… opinion needed…

Which mask do you prefer?




Answers on a napkin, or alternatively in the comments below. This is the last bit of my trash masquerade costume.
If you don’t like either you must provide an alternative that is available in this country!!
I’m watching I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. So bad but so trashy good. Loving Ant & Dec’s Geordie accents, aaah I’ve missed seeing them on the box.  Mark Wright is such a dick ha ha and I’m loving Antony Cotton!
Anywho, I’m allergic to Mondays, I always end the day with a screaming headache.  I think the answer is never to get out of bed on a Monday. Hmmmm.
4 days til specialist time. HURRAH! My appointment is at 9.10am so I think I might drive to work then catch the train from Hawksburn station. It’s 9 mins to Parliament, opposed to trying to get up Punt Rd in peak hour. As much as I loathe trains I also loathe peak hour bollocking traffic. Yers.

~ by Fen on December 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “Help Again… opinion needed…”

  1. I prefer B but not sure why really.

  2. So far:One for A (via sms) and two for B (via comments & twitter).Keep it up folks, you've got til Wednesday when I get paid and have to purchase the damn thing!

  3. A of course.

  4. Both noice, but really prefer B.

  5. I love the feathers, it's something you can hang on the wall after the party and stunning with the dress. Of course if you're going where some idiot will think it's funny to set fire to them then it will have to be B. But I really love A.

  6. A of course, but it may be tricky getting in a car wearing it.

  7. Definitely B.Watch out for RH's ghost on Hawksburn station: cheeky but not frightening (only a few years old).-Robert.Eton.

  8. BA looks like you could find it in any costume shop. B looks…unique.

  9. B is best, but I like A too!

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