A disjointed post

I started this post in the afternoon on Friday, after I came back from my visit with the Liver Specialist. Or specialists as it turned out.  I came back feeling miserable and not because of the treatment of the specialists, they were fantastic.

I felt rubbish because it seems I have put on even more weight.  Despite eating quite well, exercising at the gym at least 3 times a week I have still put on weight. Not a tiny bit, 7 fkn kilos.  I felt really really angry when I weighed myself.  Now I feel empty and like all that money and effort was a waste of damn time.

It seems I’m on the back foot, no matter what I do, coz if your liver isn’t working properly that makes it rather difficult, as explained below.

Common symptoms due to poor liver function are:
  • Poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea especially after fatty foods, weight gain around the abdomen and constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome, associated with abdominal swelling and flatulence, is often due to a sluggish liver. (yup, I bloat & look pregnant some days, can’t eat fatty foods and feel like crap a lot)
  • Unpleasant mood changes, depression, `foggy brain’ and impaired concentration and memory. If the liver is sluggish, excessive amounts of toxic metabolites find their way into the blood stream and can affect the function of the brain. (maybe this explains my “early onset Alzheimers!”)
  • Allergic conditions such as hay fever, hives, skin rashes and asthma. (funnily enough, I’ve been having the worst hayfever in a long long time this summer)
  • Headaches. Unfortunately, pain killers can cause further stress on the liver as the liver is the organ that breaks down all drugs. (I put it down to being allergic to work and Mondays, but maybe it’s not that after all)
  • High blood pressure and/or fluid retention. (yep and yep)
  • Hypoglycaemia or unstable blood sugar levels. An unhappy liver can cause wild fluctuations of blood sugar level with very low glucose levels causing fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness and cravings for sugar. (oh yes, the 2am wake up whereby I feel like I’m about to pass out from lack of food/low BSLs)
  • Inability to tolerate fatty foods, gallbladder disease and gallstones. If you feed your liver too much saturated or damaged (rancid) fat, it will try to pump it out of your body through the bile which flows into the gallbladder and then the small intestine. This will raise the cholesterol content of your bile and can result in gallstones (made of hard cholesterol) and gallbladder inflammation. If your liver is not working efficiently, it will not manufacture enough bile salts to keep biliary cholesterol in solution and so gallbladder stones may result. (well my gallbladder is gone already, hence why I steer clear of fatty foods in the first place)
  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. (not as much as last time round)
  • Excessive body heat, which may be associated with sweating or body odour. (this mostly happens at night, in bed. I wish it was due to other nocturnal activities, alas…)
  • Lowered tolerance to alcohol and various drugs such as antibiotics. (I’ve given up on alcohol & I rarely take antibiotics)
So there you have it.  DOOMED!!

Unfortunately I know nothing more of my liver situation at this stage, other than I have been squeezed in to see the surgeon this Monday, which is fabulous.  The specialist I had was lovely and thorough and I felt like she listened to everything I said. She then consulted with another specialist who was just as nice.  My specialist told me that she would take all the info and scans etc into the multi disciplinary meeting Monday morning and by the time I see the surgeon on Monday arvo he may have some more answers/ideas for me.  I’ve been a part of said meetings at that hospital, when I worked in palliative care, so I know what goes on and I know that it’s a very informative and interesting process.

So folks, I shall let you know on Monday night what the outcome was.

edited to add a pic:
I was doing make up tests earlier, I’m still rubbish but this is a cool pic of my eye!

eye see you

ooh and one of my new choker, I love this (the choker not the pic)
my gorgeous new choker

more updates: (coz I can’t be bothered doing a whole new post)

big eff off purple ring

a slightly more delicate ring that you can’t see has
purple sparkles

purple toenails on little maggoty toes

~ by Fen on December 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “A disjointed post”

  1. lots of empathy from me.anyone on any medication has the weightgain side-effect and that's that.Please do not let that cause you to chuck in the effort of counter-acting it though.X X

  2. o.O Holy shit… most of those symptoms I have! But with me, I think I'm just fat and unhealthy.Don't be disheartened…. have you thought that the weight gain may be actual muscle? And anyway, if you're eating healthily, you shouldn't worry…. you're doing all the right things.Fingers crossed for some good news Monday. xox

  3. Good luck Monday — I'm glad you can see the surgeon quickly.Awesome mask and choker :-).

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