and the winner is…

Bad photos in bathroom mirrors!  So I went with B and ordered it Wednesday.  It arrived Thursday!!! How brilliantly speedy was that!
I’ve got my specialist appointment today at the hospital. Will update when I know more. I’m going to leave early to hopefully beat the traffic on Punt Rd. 
PS – one more week at work – fast forward please!!

~ by Fen on December 16, 2011.

8 Responses to “and the winner is…”

  1. I'm just stopping by different type of blogs and thought id say hello folks. So greetings from an Amish community in Pennsylvania, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Richard from Amish Stories

  2. Good luck for today! Thinking of you. xox

  3. not that it actually is 'bad' but'Bad Bathroom Mirror Photos' just has to become a meme.Hoping for your best result, much love.

  4. woo hoo what fun – just put'Bad Bathroom Mirror Photos'into the search box and there are plenty of them. worth the clickx x

  5. Marvellous photo, your expression is perfect. It looks like a still from a movie, I thought of Doctor Zhivago.

  6. I just realized that I do not have any "bad bathroom mirror pics." Must remedy this.

  7. thanks Richard.Thanks Ute.Yeah I agree, Bad Bathroom Mirror Photos would be a great meme, preferably in bad public toilets LOL.RH I've not seen Doc Zhivago, is that bad?Maria I want you to remedy this asap, your life isn't complete until you have at least one 😉

  8. Bad? Of course not. But Zhivago is good; most movies are garbage.

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