3 weeks til surgery

Just a quickie coz I’m knackered. I saw a surgeon called Pia today who told me they were going to drain the fluidy cysty thing on my liver on 9th January. Then she asked if that was too slow for me! She wanted to wait til the top specialist was back from holidays. Oh okay then, only if he’s the best!

I told her as long as I would be right to go to Sydney on the 19th then that would be fine.

I realised just now that’s 3 weeks away!

She said the fluid is probably from the initial surgery and its resulting complications.
I will probably be in hospital for a couple of days.
I walked away feeling happy. Can’t wait to feel pain free again.

Night folks.

~ by Fen on December 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “3 weeks til surgery”

  1. Well, that is good news.Better to get it seen to as soon as possible eh?Hopefully you will sleep well tonight.

  2. Well, that sounds good, I think.

  3. Definitely good news. What's doing on the 19th, why are you going to Sydney?-Robert.Gossip Preservation Society.

  4. Yes get the best guy.couple of days.all good for rocking Sydenny. X X X Ann O'Dyne

  5. Good, three weeks is too short to begin the pre-op panic. I hope it's not going to interfer with wearing the trash gown.

  6. Happy Christmas and all the best for the surgery … it's coming up so quickly but hopefully the evil cyst from hell is blasted to nothing.

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