stinky stuff

You know what I don’t understand… those plug in smelly things that people put in their houses (no offense intended if you use them, I’m not a fan)
Yup those things.
I first noticed their prominence when I lived in the UK. People had them in their houses and none of them smelled any good.  Most of them gave me a headache.  What can smell so badly that you have to use a stinky plug in thing to make it smell better.  Why can’t people just open up their houses?  Even in Winter there are ways to air a house rather than pollute it with synthetic smells.
Anywho, every time I walk up my driveway (it’s 250m long and I’m the second last house), when I get near houses 11 & 13 I am always aware of the stink emanating from them, whether they’ve got their doors closed or not.  I swear they have 10 of these things plugged into each house, it’s that strong.  Just now I walked up and down the driveway, at 11pm coz I forgot to get my bin in, and I could smell it.  How on earth can they bear to sit in there with that smell? Do they have dead bodies hidden in their cupboards?
Just a thought, I ponder it every time I go up and down the driveway!
I went to Dad’s yesterday, up in the Dandenongs. It’s still quite green up there, despite the recent little heatwave. I guess it won’t take much to dry it out though.  I picked up a whole lot of my sister’s boxes and have them in my dungeon under the house now, for when she returns in 15 days.  She’ll be staying in the spare room, not the dungeon, until she gets organised with her old house and finds the rest of her belongings, which are spread from one end of the state to the other!
Nina sat on my stomach as I lay on the deck, under the table for shade
I did a bit of daydreaming
we checked out the gardens
pink tinged rose
Nina the matriarch
Dad's house - still looking green
Up the garden path
I really should go to bed, things to be done tomorrow. I’m not that tired however, I seem to have reverted back to my night owl self rather quickly. It’s going to be a bugger when I have to go back to work!

~ by Fen on January 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “stinky stuff”

  1. wow…all that GREEN….I am in HEAVEN.

  2. Those plug-in things seem to be set to slowly crank themselves up to maximum output no matter where you set them initially. I suppose the logic is that they want you to use up the oil as fast as possible and thus have to buy new ones, but what it does is blast the house with stench when all you intended was a very slight odor of something or other. And if you're like me and have no sense of smell then you don't even notice this is happening until you check the plug and find it having climbed from a setting of 1 to a setting of 5 and the little oil bulb completely empty. I think perhaps it might be a communist plot, actually.

  3. Never used those plug ins, but we do occasionally use the plug in mosquito thingies.We have God awful drain smells here when it gets warm. Our bathroom, as soon as you run water, omg…. you almost dry reach.Nothing can hide that smell. We have tried EVERYTHING.Oh man, I love your Dad's garden. It's beautiful.

  4. We have tried the plug in things. Too strong, even though you could turn them down. Not cheap either. The photos are very nice and make me feel tranquil.

  5. Can't stand those plug in thingies, the chemical smell makes me feel ill.Love the pics 🙂

  6. To me, a clean house has a lack of odor. Especially not those smelly "air fresheners."

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