Tuesday (struggletown)

So it has been a strain of a week, and it’s only Tuesday.  I’m struggling big time.
I went to the specialists on Monday and was told they couldn’t take the drain out as it wasn’t dry blah blah blah. Needless to say, I was angry. They did however give me a new bag, which is a stoma bag.  My specialist looked like a better looking version of Rob Brydon, I kept expecting silly witticisms to pop out of his mouth.
Rob Brydon
I’m really annoyed because I only agreed to this surgery coz they told me I’d be okay to go to Sydney, with no lasting effects, ba booow, wrong.  At least I’ve not got the big dangly bag, but I still can’t wear a bikini.  And the current bag has a hole they’ve cut to put the drain in, and it is large enough that some of the bile comes into contact with my skin and it is burning the crap out of me.  Yet there seems to be nothing I can do about this.
I had to go back into the hospital today as I rang my ward nurse and asked her about the pain.  She said maybe try changing the dressing.  I told her I’d not been given anything else, despite the fact I was meant to wear it for ANOTHER 3 WEEKS.  She told me to come in and she’d give me more supplies.
I have a little idea of how I might fashion a new drain bag so that not so much bile can touch my skin, but for fucks sake, this is draining the life blood from me.  I’m meant to be going to Sydney on Thursday and all I can think about is how much pain I’m in and how shitty I am!
Anywho, it’s just an ongoing saga that I really don’t want to be a part of and bore everyone with my tales, but unfortunately it’s my reality at the moment.  

~ by Fen on January 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Tuesday (struggletown)”

  1. They always lie to you…. fuckers.They told me when I went in for my corrective eye surgery that I'd be dead to it. Out of it…wouldn't know a thing. Liars! I was wide awake and getting my freaky freak on, with my eyeball hanging on my fucking cheek! BASTARDS!Will you still go to Sydney now that things have changed? Sure hope you start to feel more human soon. Hugs 'n squishy ones. xoxxo

  2. If only he had actually been Rob Bryden … who wouldn't have lied to you. plus you would have got the funny bonus.sympathy from me, and I think you are totally brave where I would not be.x x x

  3. Damn glad to hear the nurse was able to sort you out, that's pretty piss poor re no dressing.Use as much cotton swabbing around the drain as possible to protect your skin. Good luck, I hope these 3 weeks aren't too hot and crappy. xxxAnd, Ute?I'd be getting my freak on right alongside you!

  4. Yes plenty of people are boring, you are never boring.

  5. poop. thats all i can say. hope u feel better and im sure you still look sexy ;)hope u still enjoy sidney, maybe you can fashion something stylish? but i hope u feel better. xxx HUGS

  6. ps you looked amazing new year and the party looked great fun! :)x

  7. What a goddamn pain and inconvenience.I hope you got on the plane.

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