Sunday Relaxation

I’ve sort of been putting off updating my blog, because I’m scared if I speak too soon things will turn to shit as they did earlier this week.
So picking up from where I left off, Wednesday rolled around and I’d spent a night of pain and fevers and I just knew this wasn’t turning out quite as I had imagined.  I rang my Dad and he came and picked me up and we headed into St Vincent’s Emergency Department.  I was triaged and didn’t have to wait overly long before I was in my little cubicle, being shot up with morphine, having blood tests and cultures taken (where they put your blood into what look like tiny little viniagrette bottles) and being well looked after. I still had a mild fever and was lying under 3 blankets and feeling miserable. Though the morphine, once I stopped feeling woozy, did make it all seem a little easier to handle.
That was until they decided I had to drink some of that disgusting licorice tasting contrast stuff and have a CT scan done.  Last time that stuff made me throw up!  I also came to the fairly obvious conclusion that I was not going to be well enough to catch my flight to Sydney the following morning. (But hopefully Jetstar will stick to their word and give me vouchers so I can fly again soon).
I drank the mixture, had my scan, waited for result.  Eventually the mob who look after me came by and told me that nothing untoward had shown up on the scan but that I had infection and that I would need to be kept in for a couple of days and be given IV antibiotics etc to clear it up.
I look impressed, no?
So around midnight a bed finally became available on my old ward, 7 East, and up I went.
The whole next day I pretty much slept, that’s how horrible I felt.  I would open my eyes for my obs and then fall back into a weird coma/sleep.  I also discovered I couldn’t keep food down after dinner that night, so was given the start of regular anti nausea injections (not that they did any good, I didn’t keep anything down whilst I was in hospital!).
I finally got the okay to come home on Friday afternoon.  I was loaded up with a million pills this for this, that to counteract this, etc etc.  I was still tired and lethargic, but feeling much better than Wed & Thurs.
The best thing was I was home for my sister’s return to South Africa, which was so lovely to see her again. It’s been super sweet having her in my house, and even though she’s busting to get back in her own house, I wish I could hang on to her.  I’ve really missed her.
So it’s a day at a time for me at the moment.  I’m definitely not going to work tomorrow, it is taking me until after midday to feel like doing anything much at the moment, so tomorrow will be out.  I’ll see how I go.  Shit thing is I’m well out of sick leave and I don’t have heaps of annual leave to use.  This being sick malarky is time consuming and expensive!
Now I have to catch up on everyone else’s blogs 🙂

~ by Fen on January 22, 2012.

15 Responses to “Sunday Relaxation”

  1. I think you are entitled to swear and bang your fist against something. Won't help, but may make you forget the unfairness of it all.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I think a few more swears have been passing my lips lately!

  3. Looking forward to getting on a plane and then this happening is just about the limit. I'd be furious and tearful, both at the same time. But don't be concerned for goodness sake about days off and what it all costs, it means bugger all! (Yes well I've had a think about that)It means FUCK ALL!!!

  4. I'm glad you thought about it RH ;)But since I live by myself, no one elses income is going to pay my rent and bills, so it's all down to me and my income. It's something I have to factor in from time to time, even though I'm loathe to do so.

  5. I feel sick just thinking of how sick and poorly you've been. So glad you've got your sister there with you, to give you a bit of emotional and loving support.Fingers crossed for you starting to feel better real soon. xox

  6. You're being ridiculous. You've got a family and they're not exactly broke.

  7. Thanks Ute, I've got my fingers crossed too.RH really? You know all about my family and their financial situation? Well this tells me you know diddly squat because they're not well off and why would I ask them for money anyway? Appearances can be deceiving and you've been well and truly deceived if you think they have any kind of money.

  8. Your daddy has a million dollar property, your sister jets everywhere, and they can't help you out?

  9. No daughter of mine would ever have to ASK me.

  10. Thanks for the trolling RH, however I'm not well enough to tolerate your obvious bullshit. You currently know nothing about my family and I'm happy for that. Your assumptions are making an arse of only you. Keep going if you like, I'm out.

  11. Call me what you like I've never been hurt by it.

  12. *pout*

  13. Farrrrk, I hope this is it and you can get on with your life *big hugs*.

  14. You know, this is the part where everyone tells you useless things like "let go and let GOD!"I say throw a book. Hard. Knock something over. It really will feel better.

  15. […] To say I’m happy to be visiting my P.I.E and her family is an understatement. It’s only 7 months late. Let’s hope Sydney puts on some gorgeous weather for me!  I need some sunshine on my […]

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