Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

When I first saw this advertised, months and months ago, I just knew I HAD to go.  So I was excited when they finally released tickets in about September and I got them 3 rows from the front.  But it seemed like ages away.
That ages away was last night and after the month I’ve had it was therapeutic to get out and enjoy myself, forgetting about my health problems for a few hours.
I met up with my friends C & H in the city, we walked to Southbank to get some food and to enjoy the Summery atmosphere.  I ate the most rubbish sushi ever, I wish I knew the name of the place so I could tell everyone to stay away. It was overpriced, undersized and the seaweed was old and chewy.  I couldn’t finish it.  The gelati I had afterwards made up for it however!  It was a gorgeous night after a hot day, Melbourne was looking beautiful.
beautiful melbourne
I’ve not been to anything in the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre other than big trade shows.  The Plenary is a wonderful space with interesting design and a good feel to it.

We entered the arena and made our way to our seats.  I was feeling chuffed with how close we were to the stage!
close to the stage
view to the front
the crowd fills the plenary
view behind
The show was all I expected it to be and then some.  The music was phenomenal, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was tight and sounding marvellous, led by the talented conductor Ben Foster.  It was a journey through the last 2 seasons, experiencing the highs and lows all over again, at times I felt emotional or had goosebumps, it was breathtaking.  There were appearances by the Doctor Who monsters and the night was MC’ed by Mark Sheppard who played the young version of Canton Delaware.
antionette halloran - soprano
a dalek bossing Ben about
closing time
After the show I got to meet and have my photo taken with conductor Ben Foster. I’ve always admired Ben, so it was a real pleasure to get to meet him (and laugh at his expression in the photo!!)
Me & Ben Foster (conductor)
All in all it was a magnificent night and I’m so very glad I didn’t miss it and was able to live out a dream.  Bring on my next surgery mofo’s. I’m ready!!

~ by Fen on February 5, 2012.

11 Responses to “Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular”

  1. Cinderella made it to the ball and she is happy.

  2. ha ha indeed Andrew!

  3. Wonderful that you got out and enjoyed yourself. :o)

  4. What fabulous photos, and the best time you've had for ages 🙂

  5. Jayne & Ute, thanks. I need to get out and do things when I can and accept that sometimes I may have to lie low.

  6. what a very nice Conductor Mr Foster is – and looking suitably intent after his performance.The last conductor I saw, was an absolute rockstar – the opera Mice And Men last November.Glad you had a big night out – you look so well in the photo it is definitely good for you.

  7. Oh hon, I am so glad you made it, and that last photo says it all – you look radiant, girl!

  8. Glad you had a great time Fen!My long time friend would have enjoyed that too, he's a huge Dr. Who fan.I spent a day at the exhibition center for the international auto show while living there. didn't know they were set up for concerts too.

  9. we are MASSIVE Doctor Who fans. Ethan has watched the new series about 10 times over and has gone to Supanova last 2 years dressed as the Doc. GORGEOUS photo!

  10. My friend went to the afternoon spectacular and was in the same row as you! He loved it as well and I'm glad you had an amazing time.

  11. You and Ben sort of look like a long married couple there who've just had a big fight and you won….I'm glad you had a good time….sometimes just getting away from the "sick room" atmosphere is the best medication in the world.

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