My new home

I’ve been in hospital again since Sunday. I probably should have gone in a little earlier, but I was being stubborn.

I have infection again, it’s not been fun. I’ve been on IV antibiotics and fluids and wasn’t allowed to eat for 3 days. Now eating makes me feel meh, so maybe i’ll lose weight 😉

It looks like I’ll be here possibly until the end of the week. I’m having to use all my annual leave, so it looks like my UK trip won’t happen, I needed all my leave untouched til then.

Ah well. Can’t do much about it. I’d rather have my health than travel, that can be done any time. I guess it’ll be crap missing the wedding though. I’ll suss it out if I ever get outta here.

So please, cross all your bits for me that I get out soon.

~ by Fen on February 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “My new home”

  1. oh Fenstar my bits are crossed, my eyes are crossed. Your dad is a star too.X X X

  2. Everything is crossed!Can't believe the luck you've had this year health wise. :o(Hope your kitties aren't missing you too much…The UK will always be there…well, unless of course zombies attack, and then who cares?! xox

  3. Bad luck Fenstar, but if I fell ill overseas then I think I would just give up and die because I would panic. Get well soon and stop being stubborn, says she with the scrunched Achille's that's now nearing it's 4 week birthday.

  4. Oh baby, I just want to scoop you up and make it all go away. This is just so WRONG. I'm glad you are where you need to be, to heal and get better, bonny lass. I know you are so bored with all of this, keep your chin up Fen, you know we are all rooting for you. It WILL get better, hang on in there. (X)

  5. Hoping you're on the mend at long last! xxx

  6. Bits crossed. Get well soon and I've been there. Hospitals are hard places to reside. Get out soon!

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