The Jetstar Debacle

I think I hinted at this in an earlier post, but I just haven’t been up to writing it all out, plus I wanted to wait and see what the outcome of it all ended up to be.
So back in August last year I decided I wanted to make the trip to Sydney to see my friend Lauren. I haven’t been up to see her in years and I was eager to meet her partner and her two gorgeous girls.  So I booked my ticket for January for a 4 day break.  I also booked in my annual leave at work, getting in nice and early!
Fast forward to January and we all know that my health declined and I spent time in and out of hospital and unfortunately I couldn’t make the trip to Sydney as I was in a really poor way, the actual day of the flight I think I did more sleeping than being awake, I felt like the old cliche “death warmed up”.
The night before, well actually that day, just after midnight, I’d rung Jetstar to tell them I’d been admitted to hospital and that I wouldn’t be making my flight. “No problem” the guy said, “You don’t need to tell us, you just don’t turn up”.  Still I asked him to make a note that I’d rung, he said he would.  I thought this was an odd way of doing things, but who was I to argue.
When I finally got home I rang Jetstar to ask them what to do, the girl on the phone said to fill in a Compassionate Request form and send copies of the relevant medical certificates etc.  I duly did this and was told at the end of the process that it could take 15 working days.  Okay, fair enough.
Some time later, unsure of the timeline here coz I was still sick and all that nonsense, I got an email from Jetstar with a voucher.  Ooh goodie I thought, that’s awesome.  I opened it and my colleagues will attest to the profanities that came out of my sweet little mouth.  My original flight was around the $170 mark.  The voucher was for $67.  Of course I immediately got onto the phone to enquire WHY.
When I got onto someone I was told the reason I was only refunded $67 was because I HAD FLOWN FROM SYDNEY TO MELBOURNE on the Sunday.  I had to ask the girl to repeat herself, I thought I’d misunderstood what she said.  “Yes m’am, our records indicate that you checked in and flew from Sydney to Melbourne on Sunday”.  Uh how about NO.  I asked her how this was possible, but of course this was out of her comfort zone and she couldn’t answer me. I told her that either someone had committed fraud or their record keeping was terrible, because there was no way I had flown on that day.  
I began to tweet my outrage and was asked by Jetstar (who monitor twitter and respond to complaints) to lodge a complaint via their website.  I did this and was assigned Rikki, who looked over my complaint.  Unfortunately she too told me that their records indicated I had flown and the only way to prove I hadn’t was to get a letter from my specialist (like getting blood out of a stone) or something similar.  A stat dec would not suffice.  I said to Rikki, so if that plane crashed, my name would have been listed as a passenger despite the fact I wasn’t even on it, pretty bad security if you ask me.  Apparently you don’t even have to show ID, someone just marks off your name.  I find that fairly questionable to be honest.
Thankfully I was able to get in with one of the nice docs at my clinic and after telling him my story, he duly wrote me the necessary letter.  He too was aghast at how bad their processes are.
The good news is that today Rikki rang me and told me they were refunding me the entire cost of my ticket, plus a $50 voucher for goodwill.  To be honest, I get they have processes they have to follow but I’d love to have words with whomever marked my name off on that bloody passenger list on the Sunday.  They caused me a hell of a lot of inconvenience when I was feeling rubbish and ill.
So I will be able to book my trip to Sydney again some day, when I am recovered and when I have annual leave (it’s all used up now with hospital visits).  I am still eager to get up there and see my friend and her family.

~ by Fen on February 20, 2012.

9 Responses to “The Jetstar Debacle”

  1. Needless to say, you wont be flying with Jetstar on that next trip to Sydney.What a joke.

  2. oh I will, I have to, the refund is in voucher form, so unless i want to lose my whole airfare I have to fly with them! I think they call it by the flaps!!

  3. That's terrible security — what if the plane had been involved in an incident, or someone under your name had done something terrible? How are you feeling now?

  4. Oh. Jeez I'm stoopid! Heh.Well, then the NEXT flight you wont be flying with them!

  5. Yeah I know right Nic, I said the same thing, but that's how they do things!Yeah Ute, never again after this first and last flight.

  6. I am pretty surprised that they said you flew. There must be all sorts of records kept for people who are on a plane. Well, you would think so. In spite of the trouble you had to go to, at least they did eventually come to the party. I doubt you would have gotten anything from Tiger.

  7. Yeh I was surprised too! And you're right Tiger would have given me the middle finger!

  8. the 'goodwill' $50 is very nice and everything, but it came too far down the line of your persistence.If you had given up when they first LIED to you, there would have been no 'goodwill'.There are no 'good' airlines.wishing you well X X

  9. How freaking bizarre!That is slack and dangerous, thank goodness you got some blood out of that particular stone in the end.

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