The Flinders Trip

Most years, in February, we have the birthday get together.  My Dad and my sister and my old next door neighbour are all born on the same day, Dad and the old neighbour being the same day and same year, within an hour or so of each other.  The neighbours son was born 3 days before the same day trio.  So we usually have a get together to catch up and celebrate.
This year we went down to Flinders, where the old next door neighbours retired to a few years ago.  I’ve got to say, I was hugely impressed with their native garden and their lovely house.  It’s a gorgeous area down there, but boy is the real estate expensive.  Maybe I’ll win tattslotto and retire down there to gaze at the ocean.  Or maybe I’ll just dream.
So, on with the pictures. (as always, click through for bigger pics)
Flinders Garden
Flinders House
Flinders House
kooka sculpture
Flinders cool change
We went for a dip and the weather was on the turn, this bit missed us but an hour after we left it poured.
I must make an effort to go down there more often, it really is a magnificent part of this state.

~ by Fen on February 27, 2012.

7 Responses to “The Flinders Trip”

  1. Impressive place!Native gardens are great. But you've got to really like them… we've got a native garden here, and although we've not had to water anything, they do tend to cark it after a while.

  2. Yes, apparently a lot of the native shrubs n plants have a life of 10 – 15 years. I guess it means a lot of keeping track of things and planning.

  3. Oh, a name change. The garden looks to be flourishing. Better than try and fight nature at a beach side location with attempting to grow exotics.

  4. Happy belated birthday's to the bunch of ya'! Wow, that setting looks like paradise on earth, what a gorgeous setting to retire to.. (inserting a deep, heartfelt sigh)

  5. What a gorgeous place. And I pine for the day when we open windows again here on the prairie!

  6. Nice place. It's funny how Somers and Flinders are big on native coastal vegetation, yet everywhere between around Merricks etc is cypress trees and roses!

  7. the sandy beach just through the golf course is nicer than the one in your photo, and i hope you met the wonderful Kathy Subic who designs and makes really stylish unusual clothes at the ZEEGA boutique.Flinders certanly is upmarket – the hotel has just got a chef from the Royal at Dunkeld. I love it that there is no mail delivery, but everyone collects from the dear little PO. Hope you get back there soon. and happy birthday.

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