I jinxed myself the other day by saying I hadn’t had a cold in ages.  Today I have a head cold.  Hooray.  I just realised it has brought on a new level of dumb.  I put my PVR on earlier to watch something I had taped and it kept going into the SBS news.  I vaguely couldn’t work out why the news stories seemed to be old, but I really wasn’t paying that much attention.  Then the Ricky Gervais Show cut in 1/4 of the way through the news.  I thought this odd but figured that the PVR was doing its own thing as it sometimes does (or maybe I’m just always vague).  It has taken me a good hour to remember I am watching something I have previously recorded.  Just a little slow?
Thankfully yesterday Harvey and I got an afternoon of gardening in after visiting Gardenworld on Springvale Rd.  Gardenworld is brilliant, I’d highly recommend a visit there if you’re a gardener.  I particularly like the Bonsai section, however I am rubbish with them so I would never buy me one.  A lot of these bonsai’s are 40+ years old. Amazing.

this has amazing thorns that apparently store water in dry times
 The marginal plants had Harvey and I laughing, are they like marginal voters?  Very strange indeed!

I was in Salvia heaven at Gardenworld. I could have a garden just filled with Salvia, there are so many different and interesting varieties.  I also got myself some Oleander bushes, so I can poison people at will.  Seriously, everyone you mention Oleander to will tell you how poisonous they are.  Luckily I don’t go round eating the plants in my garden eh.
My new couch arrived around 8.30 on Saturday morning, it was like pass the parcel unwrapping it, so many layers of protection.  I purchased some new cushion covers from Etsy, so hopefully they’ll arrive soon.
with complimentary kitty inspectors & unpacking carnage.
I’ve been pretty grumpy all week to be honest and I guess this head cold is punishment for that!  I attended an amazing 2 day seminar with Ron Coleman, run with Voices Vic.  I thought I was going to learn more about people with schizophrenia.  What I did learn was a hell of a lot about myself and it also unearthed a lot of questions (hard to explain). Nothing I want to talk about here, but I guess it’s been another reason for me feeling somewhat out of sorts.  To be honest it was one of the most confronting and brilliant seminars I have ever been too, definitely food for thought.

~ by Fen on March 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Jinxed”

  1. Couch looks good. We used to often buy things at Garden World. It has always been a great place to visit. It was a present and we did manage to keep a bonsai going for a couple of years.

  2. I'm with you about the jinx of talking about colds. I swear…all Bing or I have to do is say, "Wow..we haven't had a cold in a long time, huh?" and…there. We have one. It was the same thing with my dead mother in law. She used to drive us crazy by calling us three or four times a day to tell us that she'd read an article about lice and we needed to thread through our daughter's hair or that Walgreens had toilet paper on sale. And then there would be a few days respite where she didn't call. Bing or I would say, "Wow..we haven't heard from Estelle for a while, huh?" and bingo…the phone would ring. Same rule.

  3. Those bonsais are AMAZING, but if they took 40yrs to grow, I think I might faint at the price tag! Love the new sofa, it looks sooooooo comfy (I think the mog agrees). Hon, it's hardly surprising you've come down with the cold, after all you've been through, I'm guessing your immune system is probably through the floor right now. Snuggle up on that couch for a bit, and keep warm. I'm not sure I like the sound of that seminar – I am definitely of the "fingers-in-the-ears-deny-at-all-costs" type, myself (wink).

  4. new couch? EPIC! sorry to hear your feeling ill but really glad to hear your not in hospital this post and your liver is not dead yet. HUGSxx miss you

  5. I do like that couch, it's the sort you could lie down on (shoes and socks off). Of course I wouldn't do that at your place, not until at least the second visit.-Robert. x.

  6. so sorry you have a cold preventing you from getting full effect of New Couch Fragrance, but love the CATS Scan going on. X X X

  7. Sweets, this in response to your comment on my blog. Google hammer toes. Now go and throw up!

  8. Ann, you been defending Mr Brand in the Daily Fail? I'd have chucked that phone too!

  9. As long as the marginal plants aren't into the Family First party. How's the new couch treating you?

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