Weekend wanderings

This post is basically going to be a dump of the pics off my phone for the week.  Not much has happened in the life of Fen.  I’m still not feeling overly well, the last bits of this cold are rattling about, my throat is still prickly and I don’t feel right.  I’m also concerned that my liver is about to become infected again, as it is oozing what resembles a light coloured curry, instead of its usual wee coloured bile!  I’ve started taking my antibiotics again so let’s hope they do the job.
My next hospital visit is on Wednesday when I will be having my cholangiogram.  I’m not holding my breath. I will whinge some more about how sore my drain site is, and see if anyone gives a flying fek.  I am doubtful they will, as they haven’t in the past.  It’s like having an open wound (well it is, it’s a hole into my abdomen) and having someone poking their finger constantly in it.  I kid you not, it is painful. But apparently that’s okay.
Anywho, waiting for the pics to upload….
the cats like stealing my spot. I was out reading & went to get a cuppa, came back to this!

this was around 2am, I woke up to a very comfy Moo on my bed, she’s so cute.

my new cushion covers arrived, 2 of each, one lot on the couch, the others on my armchairs. My couch is going well Nic, it’s very comfy and I can stretch right out on it. PS – it’s been 8 months since you blogged 😦

i have a client who has extremely poor time management skills. I often spend half our allocated time waiting for this person. Taking photos of nothing!

spotted this on the way home the other night, a new business in Ormond, Laser Tattoo Removal – Dr Tattoff LOL.  As Andrew says, it will be a growing area.

driving into the oncoming rain. Doesn’t look as impressive on the camera phone. Oh well.

Tamika Moo out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine
my newest addiction – cranberry & white chocolate hot cross buns. 

the first flower from my new oleander – watch out or I shall poison you with it!!

my parsley’s just decided to go berserk, I’m not complaining
Bonkers Alex enjoying his patch of sunshine

My birthday is coming up, and so that means so is the Comedy Festival.  I have already got tickets to see Simon Amstell and hopefully I will be going to the ABC’s Comedy Bites night. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lawrence Mooney and a few others, but we’ll see how far the money spreads and how many days I have to have off!  

~ by Fen on March 17, 2012.

6 Responses to “Weekend wanderings”

  1. I like photo posts. Great pics. take careCathx

  2. Interesting photos, fragments of your life. I don't know why there was only one comment on this post, it's good as any.

  3. Sorry you are having to go through all of that. You have lots of courage to be able to talk about it as well as deal with it. Doctors annoy me. Make an appointment then sit in the waiting room for an hour. Then you sit in the exam room for another hour (I never make it that long before I am out there yelling at them how MY TIME IS WORTH MONEY TOO, YOU KNOW). Tell them your concerns and all you get is the feeling that you are part of the reason they are behind schedule for the day and why they may not make it to the country club on time. The only one that seems to care about you is the receptionist waving the bill in front of you as you leave. I know, they are not ALL like that – just seems like most are anymore. Stand your ground and make sure they give you the time and answers and solutions you require. Of course, when they act indifferent, or as though it is OK, then just imagine how THEY would handle it if it was THEM in your place. I wish you better days ahead and i hope you feel better.Nice pictures. Your comment on the picture with the rain reminded me of a documentary I saw once on the making of "Animal House" with John Belushi. Apparently the campus where they filmed was in the Pacific Northwest (the ONLY college campus where they could get permission to film). Anyway, they said it rained pretty much every day. Most scenes were filmed while it was raining. They explained that the reason you do not see it raining is because rain only shows up in film when it is back-lit. Anyway, enough trivia – nice pictures, get well and have a Happy Birthday!!!

  4. oh Fen I hope your birthday is wonderful and you don't laugh too hard! In the meantime you just remember you are the customer for whom the medicine industry exists, and make them earn their money. It is not Care for them, it is Business.I too have failed when attempting to capture the drama of intense precipitation.Another Animal House story to add to SthBronx above: they used an actual home for the frat house filming and the owners visited the set one day and asked why there was an unconscious derelict on their couch – "oh that's The Director".Derive joy from the mere sight of your beautiful felines.X X X

  5. What a lovely tiger cat you have there! And I love the way that cats just stretch themselves out so beautifully, like ballet dancers. And, boy howdy! I do so love hot cross buns. I haven't had them in ages. I shall go on a search for them this weekend. Feel better, Fen…

  6. Moo and Alex sure know how to enjoy life, don't they? Ack, good luck with the hospital – if needs be, jump up and down and make a huge fuss, until you are LISTENED to!Love the new cushions (smile), and the late client managed to help you produce a wonderful image of those tiles out there..

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