Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum

Yesterday would have been my Mum’s 64th birthday.  I had a little carrot cupcake in her memory.

Happy Birthday Mum

I have decided to partake in the “Photo A Day – April” thingy.  I saw it on Nettus’s Flickr stream and thought, heck, it’s my birthday month, why not document it. It may well all go Pete Tong, but I will have a crack at it. If anyone else wants to take part, please steal and make it your own.

By the end of tonight I will have been out 3 nights this week.  I know, social life or what! I may also be dead from the effort, but I’ve had fun.  Tuesday night I went to Comedy Bites at BMW Edge @ Fed Square. It was a fabulous night of laughs and I have a couple more comedians who I wouldn’t mind seeing at the Comedy Festival (that started yesterday).  I am going to see Simon Amstell, so I’m sure I could fit a couple of others in.  
Last night I went to The Temperance for a farewell dinner for one of my colleagues. It was a lovely night.  Tonight I’m going to my sisters for a family dinner. Could be interesting 😉  Next week I will be recovering ha ha ha.
Daylight savings ends this weekend, I am sad that our days are going to become shorter, but I am pleased with this gorgeous run of warm weather.  I love my job on days like today when I can take my clients out to a local cafe and sit out in the sunshine and warmth. It will also be nice to wake up and have some light outside. It’s been very dark of late.
Everyone go wish the wonderful Ute a Happy Birthday as it is today.  Happy Birthday gorgeous lady xo

~ by Fen on March 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum”

  1. A very glam look and a great photo.

  2. Your Mum was stunning! See where you get your good looks from. ;o)Oooh, I'm looking forward to seeing your photo posts! I found it REALLY hard doing that 30 day challenge thingo. But it was pretty cool.Awwwww, thank you lovely for the birthday wishes. I am going out tonight, too! Big brother is hosting a dinner party with family, so it should be great! Bonus for not having to cook. ;o)xox

  3. What a stunner your beautiful mum was (must be the Celtic Manx genes), and goodness girl, aren't you the spitting image of her? I'm very envious of your comedy festival, a good night out watching stand-up is my favourite way to spend an evening. Happy belated, Ute! Nice to see you out and gadding about, it's time you had some well won fun.

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