Photo A Day – April 03 – Mail

Photo A Day - April 03 - Mail

My ultra wonky letter (mail) box. It might look like it’s about to topple, however it is very well fixed to the wall, albeit quite haphazardly.  My mailman loves to shove my mail in so hard that it concertinas into a little scrunched up mess. That’s when he’s not throwing parcels up the stairs to the front door, all whilst sat on his motorbike.  All class.
Anyway, it does the trick, spiderwebs and all. I added the No Junk Mail thing, it was outta control. I didn’t scratch the number in, I would have purchased stickery things for that job. In fact if I had my own letterbox it would look much nicer than the current effort. 
I decided today that seeing I have an ADO up my sleeve (why we call them that and not RDO’s is beyond me) I would ask to take it on the Tuesday after the Easter break. Effectively giving me a 5 day weekend. My manager said it wasn’t an issue so I have booked it in. To be honest I was scared to do it, given that every time I make plans I jinx my health, but eff it, you only live once bwahahahaha. That said, I do have back pain tonight, which I’m damn well hoping doesn’t lead to another infection.  Ooh I will be so mad if it does.  Positive thinking, it’ll be fine.
Maybe I’ll even get to book that trip to Sydney again some day!
PS – why is there not a way to do password protected posts on Blogger? I have a brain dump I want to do but I don’t want the world (or some particular people) to see it.  Pretty sure wordpress have that capability.  Hmmmm.

~ by Fen on April 3, 2012.

7 Responses to “Photo A Day – April 03 – Mail”

  1. Looks like someone has ripped stickers off and the paint came with them. Our RDOs are called PLDs, Programmed Leisure Days. What does ADO stand for?

  2. Acquired Day Off. You acquire them by working extra hours each week. Half an hour per day.

  3. Ahh, so that's what ADO is! I did wonder. I thought it was "A day off"! HAHAHA!Our letter box(yes! We finally have one!!!) has those tiny little snails living inside. So if you happen to leave the mail in there for any longer than a day, it gets nommed! Fingers and toes crossed that it's just a sore back/period pain.

  4. Yikes, our postie slots our mail through our door letter flap, straight into our house, funny how we take these little things for granted!Enjoy the break, go spoil yourself and find something totally indulgent to do. Oh Fen, I'm keeping my fingers crossed there is nothing more ill brewing on that health front, hon.

  5. I left a post on your previous blog but it disappeared (I found your blog through Memphis Steve's. If by any chance I am who you don't wish to come here, please let me know).My vanished comment merely stated "glad things are looking up for you and hope you feel better".

  6. Ute – it effectively is just A Day Off!Shrinky – no door holes here, that would require too much effort on behalf of the postie!SBronxNYC – your last comment is there, I can see it! And no, it's more family that I'm concerned about.

  7. test

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