I just imported a whole lot of blog entries from my live journal days and it seems that they’ve all appeared in my Reader, and no doubt yours too. Hundreds of them. Really really sorry for the spam, I promise that’s it, no more importing, only current blog posts will appear.




~ by Fen on April 5, 2012.

8 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. HOLY FUCKING SHIT STICKS! “1,000+ items in your reader” :O

    • I know I know, it’s horrible. I didn’t realise that it would happen, it didn’t happen when I imported the ones from blogger. LMAO. Just mark them all as read and we’ll start again eh! I feel so bad ha ha ha.

      • Tis kewl. It was like seeing a gazzillion odd dollars in your bank account!
        A truly, “What the?” Moment!

      • ha ha ha yes! It was like that for me too, but it just kept going up and up. Jackpot!!

  2. Hehe, 1000+. S’cuse me if I just mark as read.

  3. Well that knocked the number of unread posts down to just over 100. Still a lot. Ah there is the culprit, the old blog with103 unread. I like the background colour you have used here. It all looks quite stylish.

    • phew, I’m glad you’ve “fixed” it. Yeah I can’t work out if it’s black or not, depends what screen I’m on.

  4. Dark brown.

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