Photo a Day – April 07 – shadow

I’ve done a lot of sleeping today, so not many shadows. Not sure how well this pic will turn out, it’s the view of the night shadows out my window.


So my liver still isn’t healing. My “fellow” George had a big chat with me last night about it. Not sure what the difference between a fellow and a registrar is, but his
name is higher on the list!

He said we’re looking at further resection if I have too many more hospital visits. This time I seem to have liver sepsis again but could also have a non draining cavity, hence the shoulder pain. No one wants to do major surgery again, but I also can’t go on like this. So?

Feel a bit crap being here over Easter, no bunny visit for me. Maybe they’ll let me go home tomorrow.


~ by Fen on April 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Photo a Day – April 07 – shadow”

  1. *E-hugs ‘n squishes* xox

  2. Someone told me once that suffering is God’s gift to us to learn compassion. I told him to stuff it.

    I was sick for two years once, am now in remission, but I well remember those hopeless days. One foot in front of the other for now. Just one foot.

  3. Whatever your sexuality, being ill flips that switch right off anyway, it’s probably a kinda’ survival mode thing – priorities, y’know? This crappy health stuff you’ve been dragged through is overwhelming, with all that going on, it hardly leaves you too much leeway to focus on buiding deep and meaningful relationships, does it? Knowing this offers small comfort though, yeah? And everyone telling you to hang on in there and to ride it through, must get bloody annoying from where you’re stuck.

    Hang on in there, and ride it through – it WILL get better. (Ow, wtf?? Nothing wrong with your left hook, then?)

    The irony is, it’s when you’re sick you really, really need a special person in your life, but when you’re sick you’re too feckin’ ill to be arsed over finding one. It’s GOT to be kept on hold for now, hon, but that’s not to say it’s going to be that way for forever – try and cut yourself some slack here. (x)

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