It could only happen to me!

Last night my cannula died. Not a good thing given the state of my veins. Around midnight it was replaced, though the new one seemed precarious to me.  I experienced increasing pain all night, plus fevers, so around 4am I had blood tests and cultures taken that took ages. Those damn veins again. So bugger all sleep for me.

So I had massively increasing pain all morning. It felt like I’d broken ribs above my liver and that of my collarbone. Quite agonising to say the least.

Finally went to have my drain tube put back in and my cannula died again. Of course. The next one they tried failed so they fitted a new one via ultrasound. No matter how much pain killer and other shit they gave me I was in excruciating pain, sobbing my heart out. It was super traumatic. I couldn’t understand the level of pain given how easy the first tube insertion had gone.  One lovely nurse held my hand as I cried my heart out whilst trying to lie still all the while being in screaming torturous agony.

Anyway once that was done I was in recovery, again huge amounts of morphine weren’t doing much. Odd again.

When I got back to the ward I could feel my right arm going tight. I looked to see the fluid had not been going into my veins AT FUCKING ALL. THE WHOLE TIME. So I have a huge arm that looks hilarious and muscly but on the underside.
I’ve just had my 5th cannula fitted, let’s hope it’s the last.

My team are in in the morning to discuss what now…. Let’s see how that goes and not flinch despite that fact that I was in screaming agony.


~ by Fen on April 10, 2012.

11 Responses to “It could only happen to me!”

  1. I am so sorry you have to go through this. 😦 If they hurt you again, hit them with your muscly arm x

  2. Oh pie, that is just fucking awful. I have no words, its heartbreaking just reading it, what an awful day. I wish I wasin Melbourne so I could come visit you!

  3. What Frankie said! Bastards.
    Hugs ‘n squishes. xoxox

  4. Oh my goodness. I have tears and my heart aches reading this. I wish I was there to be right there for you. That’s crazy about the morphine not helping and the muscly arm syndrome! Argh. Keep positive, sending you lots of well vibes. Damn your liver is one big poo head 😦 xxx

    • Whaddya mean up the Duff? You trying to tell me something girl?

      • Haha it’s an old account I was going to set up when I was preggers with Indi. So far from up the duff now hehe!!! thinking of you sweet pea.

      • I so need healing cuddles from you xx

        Sent from my android device.

  5. I keep thinking of a photo you posted a while back, it shows you as a five (?) year old climbing a fence. You’ve got one leg hooked over the top of it and a look of stupendous determination on your face. It’s a lovely photo, amusing and inspiring. Keep going, you’ll beat this too.

  6. OMG Fen! Please ask if they can sedated you for a procedure like that . There are many different kinds and some that just make you feel no pain and have no memory but you wake up 30 Minutes later more like a pleasant nap. I wish I was there to be one of the helpful nurses. They also have laughing gas for short procedures. No need for pain. You’ve had more than anyone

    • I did hon, it was meant to be the same as the first time, but it went horribly wrong. I even begged them half way through to do it and they “increased”my stuff to no avail. They simply should have realised something was up. What patient bawls their eyes out and screams in pain if they’re not? Anyway, it’s been dealt with and is a painful memory xx

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  7. Shit, Fen. I’ve just been scrolling back to find out what the hell has been going on with you – untotallyfrigginbelievable – sorry love, heads SHOULD roll over this, no one should’ve had to experience the hell you’ve been put through. Aw, luvvie (((((((big, big hugs))))), wish I could take it all away from you.

    So, what’s this password thingie, then?

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