Photo(s) A Day – April – 08/09/10/11/12

Of course I got behind on my photos, it’s almost impossible when you’re in hospital and having surgeries without pain relief and just being arsed about.  So here’s my catch up.  I may cheat on some but I get special dispensation.

April 08 – Inside My Wallet

Not very exciting and a pretty poor photo. Ah well. I’m not getting the lack of cash out, I have one note and a couple of coins. But I’ve mad them last a whole week.  I rock!!!

April 09 – Younger You

Put ya hands up in the air, yup, I started young!

April 10 – Cold

Cold front – a pretty impressive one too, sweeping through Patterson Oval

April 11 – Where you ate breakfast

Well I didn’t really coz I was Nil Orally (giggles), but this was where I would have had breakfast if I was allowed.

April 12 – Stairs

These are down at Cape Woolamai from memory. Oh how I’d love to be back there.

So quickly, coz I accidentally published this ages ago, I’m home, I’m okay, just happy to be here. I’ll write more on it when I have some distance from it all.  I want to focus on my birthday weekend for the time being and forget my health dramas.

Though I do need to say a really big thank you to those of you out there who have supported me during this time, both in real life and online. You may not think words on a screen mean much, but when you’re cooped up in hospital for (nearly a week this time) every little bit counts towards keeping your mental health on the sane side.  Especially given what I just experienced.  So a big heartfelt thank you to you all, because I really really do mean it. If I could come and hug you I would, but then that would just be awkward!


~ by Fen on April 12, 2012.

5 Responses to “Photo(s) A Day – April – 08/09/10/11/12”

  1. Where da pics?!

    • Yeh I know, somehow I published it without being anywhere near finishing it. Twit! I’m working in it!!!

  2. Awww, I would’ve come see you if you were closer mate. So happy for you going home.

    Loved the pics, especially the cloud one. xox

  3. What a happy baby. Nil orally won’t do you any harm, alhough there could be some vitamin you are missing out on.

  4. Yay, so happy you’re home and especially in time for your birthday!! I’ll always take up your offer on huggles- they’re never awkward! Now, you keep well Missy and I’ll wave my magic wand …..and poof!! Alex the Bengal is your servant complete with a mini waistcoat and top hat, and The Moo is your maid. Rest my lovely and have the best birthday!!!! Love you squadillions.

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