Photo A Day – April – 13 – Found

A little pile of things I’ve found over the years. There was another name tag, but he seems to have fled the scene. It was a boys name, that’s all I remember. The weird blob thing is a piece of ocean smoothed glass I put in my pocket and then redisovered months later, from Fenella Beach on the Isle of Man. The plectrum was from a gig, I have 4 of these and of course they could be anyones my memory is that sharp!  The Hunk thing I have no idea, it fell on my foot one day in a shop, and it’s heavy and it hurt! LOL. So I kept it!

I’ve had a reasonable day, pottering about. I tried to update my blogroll to your right, but I stuffed it a few times and then got short tempered with it. So if yours should be there please do let me know, I won’t take offence, I’m just tired and well, unwell really. Heh.

I’m hovering between being a bit more unwell than I want to be and okay, hoping like hell these antibiotics hold me stable for just a few days more. I’m not holding out hope though. All I want is to celebrate my birthday on Sunday with my family. Is that too much to ask?

And on a cheerier note – Alex’s spotty fat belly inviting rubs.


~ by Fen on April 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Photo A Day – April – 13 – Found”

  1. D’aaaaw, he is just darn adorable!
    It’s your birthday this weekend?! Oh, I do hope you have a lovely time with your famz. Crikey, this effin’ liver of yours really does’t want to give you a break, huh?

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