Update again!

My surgical team came by this morning with the news that I’d been booked into surgery this Friday. Unfortunately, to quote my registrar, my bloods were berserk. So that meant no going home today. Which I’d kinda figured anyway as I felt like crap. It does mean I’ll probably be in til Friday though, maybe with a day release later in the week.

Still not sure whether to laugh or cry to be honest. I’ve been through absolute hell and back lately, it will be good to (hopefully) get to an end of all of this.

The other good news is that I’ll be having a PICC line inserted, so no more horrible vein issues, like I had at 3am. I had a cannula inserted into my foot as all my veins are shot. Let me just say, foot placement is terrible and inconvenient.

One of the biggest stressors to me is having someone look after the cats…hopefully this will be resolved by tomorrow. Dad just dropped my laptop in so I can do some hand over notes for work. I’m assuming I’m having another resection done, must find out 100%.

So that’s it from the grandpa wearing pjs hospital addict. If you want to visit, feel free, I need the company.

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~ by Fen on April 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Update again!”

  1. sad face, will you you something after work xx

    love and wish i could give you a big hug right now. so big you’d go ‘ow’ and i’d have to be abit gentler but its the thought that counts.

    πŸ™‚ thinking of you gorgeous! xx

  2. 😦

    Fingers and toes all crossed that THIS time they get it right, and you can go on with your life!

    Hoping also that you can find someone to kitteh sit for you. I can understand how stressful that must be.

    Hugs ‘n love, ‘n big wet sloppy ones. xoxox

  3. bleh… I did tell you to take a knife to the hospital and start slashing some nurses to get better attention long ago :p

    But I hope things get resolved. Email me if you need anything eh? πŸ™‚


  4. I hope it goes really well on Friday, and there’s absolutely smooth sailing, from here on in. Fingers crossed you can find a kitty sitter. Its hard being so far away and helpless to you. Thinking of you lots xxx

  5. Hi. Please excuse the late hour but I’ve just read of your award at Copperwitch. Well-deserved, and congratulations.
    I’m having a series of injections in my right eyeball to halt bleeding; $585 a shot. I had the first a month ago and am due for the second, the second of three (they sting, as you’d imagine). The surgeon is a wine-lover, gourmet, and plays the trombone. That’s what I’m told. Posh lifestyle. Still, it’s a lot of dough to dump in Footscray.
    I was wondering too about your cats. It’ll be magic to go home to them. I used to think travel was the best education but then I had an operation to save my life and it turned me into a philosopher. What a travesty. Very queer, hospital experience.

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