Day Release (from prison)

My team came around this morning and George told me that I could come home this arvo for a few hours.  Gotta be happy with that. So I’ve been here for a couple of hours, heater pumping and the cats chilled out in front of it. You’d think it were a normal day except for the size of my swollen belly and the fact that in 2 days I’m scheduled to have said belly ripped open again!  Remember this:

Yep, coming again to a Fenstar near you!  Glad I never bothered to get that belly button repierced as I’d lose it all over again.

My pancreatitis is still quite severe, though not nearly as bad as it was a few days ago. I’m still on morphine, oxycontin etc etc and my poor belly is so tender to touch 😦  I’m not looking forward to surgery at all. They’ve given up trying to put cannula’s in, as I think I said in a prior post. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my PICC line in and can start IV therapy before the surgery. I feel like I’m not in the right headspace to deal with all of this, but I have no choice. There’s no working myself up to it all, it’s gonna be here before I like it.

So that’s about it from me. Please keep me in your thoughts and send get well vibes to me!


~ by Fen on April 25, 2012.

22 Responses to “Day Release (from prison)”

  1. You don’t have to ask… you are always in my thoughts.
    Wishing only positive and happy thoughts for you my friend.

  2. be thinking of you, wish i was there to give you a big hug. hope the cats got sorted. xxx
    sending you positive thoughts xx thinking of you lots x

  3. Been thinking of you heaps and heaps Fenzy. I can’t believe the run you’ve been having with all of this. I’m hoping this surgery will be the end of it all for you, and you can move right along. Lots of Love xxxx

    • It’s been a pretty rubbish year, but here’s hoping it improves. Thanks for the call today gorgeous xx

      Sent from my android device.

  4. Hi. Drizzle all day in dirty old Newport, lying on my bed. I dreamt I grabbed you in Chapel Street, right there, outside Coles. That’s stupendous vibes, all out war. I don’t do half.

  5. sending good vibes :p

  6. As you say, you don’t have much choice. I wonder if they will cut along the scar or make a new one? Fingers crossed for you.

    • Yep they do cut along the old scar coz it will have a lot of adhesione beneath it & they’re easier to deal with that way.

      Sent from my android device.

  7. Andrew old boy, that’s not a good comment.

  8. Oh Fen, I’ve just scrolled back and caught up with what’s gone on, a bloody nightmare. Sheesh, that wound looks sore, you poor baby, let’s hope this next surgery will be the final one, eh? Of course I’m thinking of you, and sending as many warm, healing, positive vibes I can possibly muster. Hang on in there, kid, it can only get better.

  9. Fen, I have some lovely beads just right for hanging on that metal zipper.
    I had needles between my toes for nuclear dye to test the arteries in my legs before I had the knees replaced. I think the guy in the white coat had heard ‘shit’ said before but not in several languages.

    • Ooh yes, beads would look fabulous. I should swear in other languages too 😉

      Sent from my android device.

  10. Oh yes? Delete my comment then, delete them all.

    I can laugh, they cost me nothing.

    Embodiment of taste and decorum.

    • Get off your high horse, I’ve deleted nothing Mr Drama Queen.

      Sent from my android device.

  11. Begging your pardon, that’s Drama King.

    sent from my androgonous device.

  12. Let’s be clear, I meant the comment I made to Andrew; if you don’t like it. delete it.

    I’m the most deleted commenter in blog history.
    I ask myself why. There’s no answer.

  13. Goodnight. Don’t be afraid. Poor RH knows what he’s talking about.

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