Aftermath – Hospital 2012

Everything appears to have gone well with my surgery. I’m attached to all sorts of tubes and things, more so than last time, but they’ll disappear eventually. I feel okay, not too much pain despite my anaesthetic drip having ceased for some reason. Still waiting for the anaesthetics people to come and fix it. Thankfully I have a fentanyl PCA as well, so I can still get relief.  Nothing seems to happen quickly in hospital unless you’re dying, and I’m quite glad I’m not.  My nurse just told me she’s paged them twice and they haven’t even responded yet.  SLACK.

Anyway, on to the photos, I know you all love gore (kidding, it’s more like tubes and things than actual yuk)!

ok, so easing into it, just some balloons floating by one morning. There were 7 this morning but I was surrounded by medical peoples.

this is what I call my tower of terror, all my drips and drugs!

mah belleh. Full of things.

You can’t actually see the incision at all, it’s covered by waterproof stuff, which has steri strips underneath. So I’m not sure if I have staples, but I would assume that I do. Or maybe not… Yellow ended tube is anaesthetic, square gauze hides a pain/nerve blocker thing and to your left slightly obscured are two drain tubes coming out of my guts. I find it all rather impressive to be honest.

My team came round and told me that it had been a difficult task but that they were really pleased with the outcome. They’d basically removed all the infection and cut out what needed removing. It wasn’t nice according to George and he blames Cori ha ha ha!

So if you’re around, feel free to visit me, I’m in St Vincent’s Hospital. One stipulation is that you bring a nice snack with you, coz as you’ll see my current “Surgical Soft Diet” sucks.

This sandwich has one whole slice of "roast beef" in it. What a turn on!

I know, you’re jealous. How could you not be.  So I’m not sure how long I’ll be in here for, but at least I have the internet to keep me somewhat amused. Thank goodness for dingle dongles. Even though the wireless isn’t fantastic at least it works and it gives me something else to do and keeps my mind off my pain.


~ by Fen on April 28, 2012.

9 Responses to “Aftermath – Hospital 2012”

  1. You are a medical marvel!

    So glad everything seems to have gone well. Hopefully you will be out of there and home again soon…FOR GOOD!

    Great that you’ve been able to keep us all informed via Twatter, Farcebook and here of your progress.


  2. ha ha not a medical marvel!
    Yeah the internets has kept me kinda sane. There are some long darkish hours spent in hospital so it’s nice to be able to reach out to people and feel connected, even if it’s just within the wires.

  3. Can you email me the details of where to visit and I’ll try to pop in this week when I’m in the city? dan at

    • I’d rather not if you don’t mind. I’m still in a lot of pain and having someone visit I don’t know may be a bit much. Maybe if I improve in the next few days. Sorry.

      Sent from my android device.

  4. saw your most recent Twtr image and the healing looks terrific. keep it up. can you dial-a-pizza and get it delivered bedside? X X X

  5. When I was hospitalized a couple of years ago, I used to beg my partner to bring me a chocolate malt. Just CRAVED them. Make someone get you one. Seriously. It helps. AND it is soft!

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