Mum – 10 Years – R.I.P.

It sure doesn’t feel like it has been 10 years since we lost Mum to cancer.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted the eulogy I wrote, so to commemorate today here it is.

OUR MUM – 29/03/48 – 16/05/2012

Mum was the sort of person we wish we were like. The kind of person you base your aspirations on. She was confident, loving, full of life, full of knowledge and wisdom. Mum was a rock to both of us, our solid foundation

Mum always had the answers to our questions or would at least point us in the right direction. She didn’t judge us, but knew we would learn from our mistakes and experiences. Even if she wanted to yell it was pointless as above a certain decibel Mum’s voice would disappear, resulting in an eruption of laughter.  She was always there to pick up the pieces regardless.

Mum was the best role model a child could possibly have. Her voice was often soft and soothing, never threatening. Her attitude was selfless and dedicated. She instilled in us a high regard for upholding morals and maintaining and open mind.

Mum loved to garden and shared this love with both us daughters. We often made numerous trips to nurseries or Bunnings on the weekends, then wondered how on earth we ended up with so many plants afterwards! Mum passed on a few of her crafty ways. We learned to sew, to cross stitch and other activities, though we can never match the quality of the teacher.

Mum’s love of good literature was definitely passed on to both of us. We had an endless supply of quality books to read after she had finished with them herself. Her own thirst for knowledge made us also eager to learn.

Mum possessed a spiritual side shown by her love of alternative therapies such as meditation and yoga. Like us, her emotions ran deeper than often appeared on the surface. She was a sentimental person who bottled things up to be dealt with in her own unique way.

Mum was always looking forward to the day when her girls would make her a proud grandmother. So much so in fact, she has been collecting children’s books and keepsakes for when they finally arrived. Although she won’t be alive to see this day, we know that our children will have a beautiful guardian angel watching over them. We know she would have been the world’s best grandmother.

Our Mum was a wonderful person. We admired and respected her immensely. Her love and compassion for us was boundless. She was an inspiration and a fantastic mother, as well as a friend.

While we could dwell on the fact that we are unlucky to lose Mum so early, we feel privileged and honoured to be her daughters and enriched by being part of such a beautiful, wonderful life.

~ by Fen on May 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “Mum – 10 Years – R.I.P.”

  1. A fitting tribute on a sad day for you.

  2. Beautiful eulogy for a beautiful lady.
    Thoughts are with you.

  3. She sounds like a true legend and would be so very proud of you, too.

  4. The eulogy was beautiful to read. How are you coping ten years on? – xx

    • Ten years on and I’ve learned to live with the hole in my heart and the pain that lies just beneath the surface. I’d say it’s more of an adjustment than getting over it. I don’t think anyone really gets over something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not miserable, far from it, it’s just there’s that darkness lurking beneath x

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