Kitteh Spam + health update

It’s quite miserable and drizzly out & my cats are cuddled up like two furry peas in a pod. One of the best things about coming home has been sharing my days with these two ratbags, I love it.

Moo Big eyes sleepy monster mash cuddles tree dwellers cuddle buddies

People have said my scars, upside down, look like an emoticon, kinda have to agree with that!

I drove my little car yesterday, the first outing in 4 weeks. It felt good to be gaining some independence again, though it made me tired and sore. My poor car is absolutely covered in dust and dirt, it needs a good wash. Shame it’s not raining hard enough today or I’d back it out and let it sit in the rain.

I’ve still got a couple of weeks before I go back to work, which is a good thing coz I often have to Nanna nap during the day. I’m pretty weak still and the pain is there, though obviously it’s improving.  I need to organise myself to actually get some stuff done whilst I’m at home! I’ve got 2 clinic appointments coming up, one with the liver team and one with the Infectious Diseases team. Both within 2 days of each other, how very tedious. Ah well, it will give me something to do eh, get me out of the house.

Late edit: I got bored & took a “proper” photo of myself. 


~ by Fen on May 19, 2012.

19 Responses to “Kitteh Spam + health update”

  1. Yes it’s a dirty day, grey sky, I’m hoping Richmond can beat Essendon later on. They probably won’t but will fight like mad, it’s come to that. Anyway, here a little kiss from Uncle RH. X. You’ve had bad luck but are better off than some; not everyone can love poor dumb animals.

  2. I have been following this saga. But I never commented because it would require signing into wordpress. I had to reset my password for this, so what I have to say is very, very important.

    You gots sexy hands!

    • Ha ha ha ha, I’m glad you reset your password to tell me that, it made me giggle! Thanks x

  3. I wish my cats could lay together that way. They barely tolerate each other. The scars are war-wounds and I hope that one day, your grannies will poke them and you’ll have a cool story to tell. xx

    • It has taken mine a while to do this, I’ve had Alex nearly a year and they’re only just getting snuggly. During the day he’s like a kid with ADHD!

  4. What happened to the emoticon faces?! They be gorn!

    Love this post… love the kitteh’s, love your belleh!

    Good that you’ve got a couple of weeks still to recuperate. Make the most of it!


    • Who what now, I can see ’em? Hmmmm Tecernoloky, can’t be trusted.

      • Nup, can’t see nuffink. Just the kitteh’s and teh b&w of your belly. None of the other two that look like the upside down emoticon.

      • odd, I can see them but that doesn’t meant much coz I made them! Oh well, at least the big one is still there.

  5. Bad guts. Not a pretty stomach, like mine. I see your feral tiger cat has not been tamed.

    • ha ha he’s the smoochiest cat you’ll ever meet! He’s a complete tart when it comes to pettings. I think you need to post pics of your stomach & scar!

  6. Wahhhhhhhhhhh, not fair – I only got the kitty pic’s, the others won’t show for me (stamping foot)!

    Looks like those two have become good pals, then? That’s really sweet, when mine came as a pair they kept well out of each others hair. Hope things are settling down for you now, hon (touch wood), good luck with the check up’s, I’ll be thinking of you.

  7. Had to laugh, Fenstar – for some reason I got a ‘cyber wedgie’ and only the photos of your adorable cats appeared and NOT the scars. And I’m NOT unhappy about it! 🙂

  8. Yay! pic is showing up now! 🙂

    • hooray, I hosted them all on flickr and did it that way, wordpress was being a bit of a pain in the rectal area!! *giggles*

  9. Awwww, big kitteh squishy love!

    And great scars, although the crap you went through to get them has been a living hell. Good luck this week with your follow-up appointments.

    • Yep living hell is right. My appointments are next week, which i’m glad for coz my head is all wonky this week! Ha ha ha.

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