Health update

I keep thinking I should write a blog post but nothing is happening in my life, other than me striving to get well again.  I have no income, Centrelink hasn’t even come through, so that takes out having a social life or even being able to buy basics.  Thankfully this week I’ve had dinner at my sisters and then at my Nan’s so that’s less food I have to buy for myself. I have a decreased appetite too, which is probably a good thing.  I put my “skinny” jeans on a few nights ago and laughed when I realised I could remove them without undoing them.  I knew I’d lost weight I just didn’t realised how much. It’s never something I obsess over, I have a set of scales which I think I have used once or twice in their life time.

I went to a physio this week as I’ve got a sore spot in my back.  He was unimpressed that I am not undergoing a rehab program – I told him that my surgeons had been hopeless and he chastised me for being negative.  He was lucky I didn’t sit down and tell him all about my year, I think he’d be as cynical as me by the end of it all.  I’m positive that things will improve, I’m just cynical about how it got to be this bad.  The physio said my right lung isn’t inflating properly (that would explain my shortness of breath when exercising) and has given me exercises to assist my lung and to strengthen my abdominal muscles again.  Slowly does it.  Unfortunately I will not be able to afford to go back next week as planned as I have run out of money

I’ve weaned down to 20mg oxycontin a day, down from 50mg. It’s hard going coming off that crap, I wish I could just stop it and be done with it, but it’s not that easy. I learned my lesson last surgery when I just stopped taking morphine and then felt like a junkie in withdrawal for 10 days.  Still on antibiotics of course and other bits and pieces.

I am recovering, slowly. Some days I’m good, days like today I am ultra tired and I wonder how I’m meant to return to work in 8 days time. My pain levels are okay, though by the end of the day my skin hurts and my nerve endings feel frazzled.  Some days, like today, I Nanna nap during the afternoon and others I feel okay.  Getting out and about wears the life out of me but I guess it will all improve. I know it will, I’m just feeling very much over it all today.

Next week I have visits to my Hepato Biliary and Infectious Diseases clinics. I’m not looking forward to them to be honest, I feel angry still and I don’t want to see them. Buuut it has to be done and I am just going to be blatantly honest with them. I wonder if I can wrangle free physio from them.  I still haven’t paid my pharmacy bill, it was $175!  That’s going to have to wait for a bloody long time before that gets paid off.  Maybe Centrelink will be kind and give me a health care card and that will reduce my bill.

Semi Final 2 of Eurovision is on SBS tonight. I shall be watching with the cats to see the eurotrash glory.  Tomorrow night we have our usual Eurovision Final Party at a friend’s house, it’s always a fab night so that will be good as a pick me up for my waning spirits.

This post felt a little flat, I guess it reflects my energy levels today. I’m doing okay, I’m just impatient and wanting to be back into everything all at once. It’s also difficult when one has no income, I hate stressing about money and at the moment I have to watch every cent I spend.  I’ve never been rich or had lots of money, but I live within my means.  I’ve had no income for 5 weeks now and it’s beginning to really bite.

this is how my head feels tonight!

~ by Fen on May 26, 2012.

9 Responses to “Health update”

  1. Well Dang…

    How the hell have you managed to cope this far without any income?!
    Centrelink are beyond hopeless when it comes to any compassion. I hope you get some financial relief very soon.
    It’s bad enough trying to get well, let alone worry about financial problems.

    Hope you have fun at your eurovision party! 🙂


    • I had some savings, but they’re almost gone now. To be honest I don’t know how I’ve done it 😐 Centrelink are c*nts, I’m sick of having to deal with them. I wish there was some other option.

      I love Eurovision, it’ll be a fun night just to get out of the house and hang out with lovely people.

  2. would a declaration from your doctors sway C*ntlink? I am enjoying everyone’s Eurovision tweets but I just could not actually look at all the icky (sorry I missed mr gorgeous though) X X X

    • You have to get your doctor/surgeon/whomever to fill in a Centrelink medical certificate anyway, so not sure what else they can do You also have to provide them with the details of any other medical professionals that know of your condition, which I did Surprised they don’t want to know when I last took a wee.

  3. I’m with Ann O’Dyne – get your treating docs to write you some relevant reports to get Centrelink willing to help you. God knows you deserve it.

    • see above Kath, Centrelink move at their own pace & have their own rules, nothing will make them go any faster!!

  4. I hope you can look back in a few months and just see it as an unpleasant period in your life that you have moved on from.

  5. Fen, is there not some kind of advocate that act on your behalf to deal with “*#@+$?”, from Centralink? Maybe a social worker? Phone the hospital and ask. They must have more than one social worker. I think you mentioned you had dealt with a useless one. There will be an advocate somewhere that can help speed things up for you.
    I don’t know how the heathcare system works in AU. Do you have to pay for service or does everyone in the country have access to medical care by paying manditory premiums (free for lower incomes)?
    Hang in there 🙂


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