Fen speaks!

So, inspired by Cath’s voice posts, and the fact that I have a shiny new phone, I’ve blabbed a voice post myself. I hope it’s not too screechingly loud, start with the volume down! Ha ha ha.

A little bit of a ramble, but that’s just me! <– clickety click.


~ by Fen on June 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Fen speaks!”

  1. I listened to this earlier, but had to go out, so didn’t have time to comment until now.
    I noticed you have a *tiny* bit of a Pommy accent…is that from living in the UK for a while?

    Hope that you can get your shoulder pain sorted out. And yeah, you and I with the owning our own little home.
    A dream that is becoming more and more further from reality… *sigh*

    • Yeh I had a pretty good accent when I first came back. I need to get back over there and perfect it again LOL 😛

  2. Lovely voice and an interesting and coherent ramble. Maybe I like audio posts. I can do other things and listen.

    • They don’t get as many comments, but that’s okay! I enjoyed rambling into my phone.

  3. It was good, you did well.

    Make a nice reply now to poor RH.

  4. Good. And I wasn’t too proud to ask.
    The nice thing about humility is you can always go back to it.

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