I just attempted to do my tax, however it’s too difficult for my tired, warped brain right now. I have reportable fringe benefits this year and I have no idea what that means but it calculated that I OWE MONEY.  WTF!?! Surely that can’t be right, I get a shit enough wage as it is, if I have to pay something I won’t be impressed at all.  So I may just have to go to an accountant and see what can be done.  Fiddlesticks.

I’m cream crackered tonight, I think all this waking up in the dead of night to watch Le Tour is catching up with me. But I can’t not do it, it’s exciting and I am an addict.  I’m also becoming addicted to exercising. Yeah I know, who’d have thought? I’m really enjoying the fact that my body is working again and I’ve been hitting the gym fairly hard.  So far mostly cardio on the bike, treadmill and cross trainer, but I plan on doing a core class next week to see how my scar tissue holds up.  Who knows, I may even get fit one of these days *snorts*

I had a massive Saturday night with my old buddy J, somehow we were still up at 4am talking absolute bollocks and laughing our arses off. I so needed a night like that and I’m tempted to do it over and over again.  However given it doesn’t fit in with my new healthy outlook on life I probably won’t do it for a while.  Maybe.

These are for cleaning things, not cobwebs!!













J & the amazing shisha pipe. Smoking that thing is amazing, strawberry flavoured, mmmm.


















Tamika fell in love with my pizza box & rolled all over it!!













Happy Fen is happy!













This weekend is my Nan’s partners 90th birthday. He’s still pretty fit, plays golf once a week as well as bowls and darts. It should be a lovely get together.  With any luck my hairdresser will ring on Friday and tell me I can have a hair cut on Saturday. I’m over it being long for some reason, gonna give it the chop. Nothing too drastic though!  I have a feeling my annoyance at my hair is merely a metaphor for everything else, but I’m not sure why yet. I’ll work it out, it’s my job after all.

I’m covered in cats!

Does anyone want to be my sitter whilst I partake in some d-lysergic acid diethylamide?  I’m not even sure if I’m joking, I feel like some mad introspection right now.  Besides, it would be fun.



~ by Fen on July 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Taxing”

  1. …I’ve never tried a shisha pipe and had NFI that they had flavours like strawberry!

  2. Hey, things are looking up for you. Cautiously, I suggest they are bottle brushes.

  3. ” d-lysergic acid diethylamide” wtf is that?!

  4. oh Ute as Viv Leigh said to Lady Margaret in ‘Waterloo Bridge’ – “you are naive” or more likely just beautifully Young. I came to comment that I hoped it was pure Sandoz and nothing less.
    Cats though, are no good as trip-sitters, as they just run away when the pigs come.

    I hope the hair design went well today, and you kept enough for winter neck warmth. waiting for images X X

  5. It’s not a full moon but I can’t wait around.

    Sweet photo of you, very wholesome, I put myself in the picture.

    That narrow brush looks like a gun barrel cleaner. It would do.

    Lovely to be here, say nothing nice.


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