Full Moon Madness

Yep, it’s another voice post, coz I am too lazy to type much. Don’t fret, I’ll add some piccies just in case you can’t be arsed listening to my really annoying voice!

>>Click here to listen to my ramblings.<<

looking out a dirty old window
Looking out a dirty old window – above Chapel St

A horrible game of football – Docklands Stadium

tamika hassling for food
Tamika Moo hassling for food

Alex waiting for playings
Alex waiting for playings

Incoming Wintery weather
Incoming Wintry weather – Malvern Rd

foggy morning
A foggy morning

Stark tree & golden light
A stark tree & golden light – North Rd

sleepy bengal
A sleepy bengal bum

This mornings sunrise between the buildings

My old PVC corset top

My proper corset – I’ve had to send it back for readjustments as it appears I have lost 4-5 inches off my chest and the top of it gapes even tightened fully. No more boobies šŸ˜¦


~ by Fen on August 2, 2012.

7 Responses to “Full Moon Madness”

  1. I’ll listen to the talk tomorrow, but that tiger cat is a killer. He needs to learn that the female of all species is superior.

  2. Very good photos, nice variety. Is that Malvern Road and Williams, Bush Inn Hotel on the corner?
    Tiger cat has glass eyes (photo), video was gruesome.

    Voice mail always engrossing, you sound like Twiggy. Never seen such filth in your life?
    You haven’t been to my place.

    • Sure is RH, never been to the Bush Inn but I pass it at least twice a day!

      I’m sure you don’t pee on your floors, so your house wouldn’t quite be as filthy!

  3. LOOOOOVE that last photo. šŸ˜‰
    Alex is such a spunk cat. Smokey used to love being brushed/combed… Willow has yet to discover how awesome it is, she tends to attack the brush before I can brush her. Stoopid cat!

    • aaw fanks! Yeah Alex goes from loving it to wanting to kill the comb, he’ll piss off with it if he finds it randomly in his travels!!

  4. It depends what you’ll stand, my dogs piss on the furniture.

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