A weekend of cooking

I don’t mind cooking, it’s necessary especially given that I live by myself. I rarely eat out or have takeaway these days. I love when I have a whole weekend of cooking, when my cooking mojo has returned and cooking becomes a chore no more.  This weekend was one of those said weekends and I took advantage of it.

I trundled off to the airport where all the shops live, instead of battling the stupidity that is the carpark of Southland. Wandered about collecting ingredients for the menu in my mind. Do you think I could find cumin though? Had to do a fly by of Mentone Woolies to get that, and then some further things that I decided upon.

Late in the day I started preparing then making my first lot of food.  I had purchased a chuck steak so I made a beef casserole to go in the slow cooker.  I even got the required wine (something I usually leave out) and had a few mouthfuls as I diced and sliced.

my sister drunkenly pinched this glass for me one night and presented it to me at about 3am when she got home















I put the slow cooker on and then embarked on my next task.









I’d been thinking about making koftas for a while, they’re made out of lamb mince and are of middle eastern origin, so they’ve got lovely spices and taste amazing. They’re not very good looking, resembling rissoles, so I didn’t take a photo of them!! But I made a batch of tzatziki to go with them, a fabulous combination. I could eat tzatziki for every meal!!













Sunday (today) I was still feeling love for cooking so I decided to whip up some chicken and mushroom pies. I haven’t made these in aaaages but they’re totally delicious.  The smell of the puff pastry being baked filled my house with mouth watering fragrances.












I was going to make a stroganoff too but I ran out of mushrooms & I really couldn’t be bothered with going out to buy some more.

So muffins appeared. Choc chip and berries!













Now I’m all cooked out, well I’ve run out of ingredients to be honest! I’ve been pondering hiring a dishwasher person next time I cook, honestly that’s the one drawback, all that dishwashing!

It’s been a very productive weekend.

~ by Fen on August 5, 2012.

11 Responses to “A weekend of cooking”

  1. Ooooh! Much more appetizing than my boring old fish ‘n veges for dinner.

    I LOVE ztatziki, too, and could eat it all day every day. I buy that and hommus, and use it as an alternative on toast for butter. REALLY nommy.

    I’ve gotta be really in the mood to bake. I’m okay with stews, casseroles and the like, but baking cakes and the like, I’m not really good at.

    • You so should make your own tzatziki, it’s much nicer and it’s dead easy peasy. I have it on toast too! Mmmmm. I’ll come over and teach you some day.

  2. I’ve been in a cooking rut but have been making lemon butter and baking cakes. The mojo may be back.

    Tzatziki is mega-yum but garlic gives me heartburn, damn it!

    • Nooo, oh that’s terrible, I adore garlic and I would cry if it gave me heart burn. Your mojo will return, mine is rather sporadic.

  3. Omg. I baked cookies and I thought that was giving it a good go!

  4. get out i’ll be size 18 if i want to be 😛 infact i have a primark jumpsuit thats 18 thats abit small! its probably sizing but i will be FAT AND PROUD 😀 (i have boobies for a change)

    mmm sounds delish! my energy has been lacking of late and cooking is a chore that i simplify as much as possible. mmm my bf gus tries to get our stews drunk but i dont normally cook with wine either.

    wow thats loads, did you manage to eat it all? well done for you 🙂

    could you send a pie over pls?


  5. My niece is a great cook, but she uses every pot and pan in the house and then doesn’t clean it up. The kitchen ends up looking like a bomb hit.

  6. As far as I can remember, I have never thought of cooking as a truly fun activity. But..hey…come visit anytime.

    • ha ha funny you say that, I visited an old friend last night and did some cooking at their place, loved it!

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