Today should have been the day I got my ink on my arm started. However it wasn’t to be. I emailed my artist (I now use that word sarcastically) last week as I’d not heard from him, reminding him we had our appointment this week and that I’d like to see the final design sometime before then. He emailed me back, enthusiastically, saying he was onto it.

I had an old friend visit that night and whilst we were catching up the email from my artist came through and I promptly forgot about it.


S and I hamming it up for his first instagram pic!!

S and I hadn’t seen each other in about a year and it was really lovely to hang out again, he’s a very easy going person to be around (most of the time ha ha).

I did my usual trick of waking up around 1 – 2am and remembered the email. I thought I’d check to see what he had to say.  His cheery email told me he’d “put together” a pic for me, so I opened the attachment. I was greeted with a tacky image that he’d obviously nicked from some shitty site on the internet, nothing even close to the images I had sent him.  I was furious to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen his portfolio and this guy has amazing work, but obviously he either a) didn’t want to do my piece or b) has recently taken up mad drugs c) was having an off time. I’d like to think B is the answer.  So I cancelled my appointment and was really shitty about it for a few days.

I’ve since found someone else, but the whole experience has left me a little bitter, so I’m leaving it for a while, who knows, maybe I’ll even can the idea altogether. I’m not fussed, it’s not the end of the world.

Today, as most Melburnians will be well aware, was divine weather wise. I was out before 9am on a visit and when I got back I found all my colleagues out in the sunny courtyard. Apparently we had no power. So I plonked my arse onto a chair and sat in the sun too.  The weird thing was most people knew that the businesses on Malvern Rd had been told their power would be out all day, but we’re a block down and hadn’t had notification that ours was meant to be out. No one thought to go and ask the actual guys working on the power poles, they were just faffing about getting stressed. Someone even called an electrician, who didn’t ask the power pole guys either, just declared that yes, we had no power. DUH. So eventually, after sunning myself for a while,  I grabbed our new team leader and we went for a wander.

Sunshiiiiiine, on my pale skin, makes me happy…

The businesses that were not meant to have power on Malvern Rd all appeared to have power. Uh, okay. So we approached the power workers. They told us that yes, we should not have power and we should have been notified. Ummm, no, we weren’t!  My TL and I laughed and went back with the good news. Citipower had been rung and they said there were no works in the area hence no outages. LOL. They said they would send a contractor to check our power. ERMAHGERD!  As I left to go on my afternoon visit I witnessed the contractor poking his bits in the meter box and he exclaimed “there’s no power going to this building”. OH EM GEE. Really? You got paid to make that observation. I told him to go talk to his mates up the road, who had turned the power off, and wandered off.  Well, after I decided a hard hat was for me!

I spent the afternoon in the city with a client and had an amazing afternoon. We even got to see some ladies who wore their curtains as outer wear, very impressive indeed.


I even went on a train, twice, without freaking out. I have a proper train (public transport) phobia, but today I felt chilled and in control.

Not In Service, much like me really 😐

Not sure how I manage to eff up inserting pics in posts, but I apologise if this post is all wonky. I’m far too tired to fix it up, nor do I care that much.  All I will say is fuck you wordpress you piece of shitting annoyance. Bwahahahahahahahaha!  BITE ME, HARD.

Anyway, when I got home I had a wee parcel from the adorbs Ute, lookie what she sent me.

the quickest way to my heart!


~ by Fen on September 11, 2012.

10 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Interesting post. Design your own tatt and they can just copy it. That is what I did. Ten plus years later, I still like it.

    Private electricity company acting with incompetence that we are told that government electric providers used to be like. Actually, the SEC was very competent.

    How can you be my friend when you have a public transport phobia?

    I don’t like woman wearing curtains fashion. Whereas, Fen in black looking pale and interesting, is much more to my taste and ever so Melbourne.

    Lindt chocolate is the new Cadbury. How kind of Ute to send you some.

    • Well I kinda did design it myself, from a combination of a couple of pics, which he totally ignored. So onwards!

      Yeah I know PT phobia eh, never mind. I still use it though, just have to do a bit of deep breathing so I don’t freak the hell out!

      Enough with the pale, I can’t help that I missed a whole summer ha ha ha!!!!

  2. Totally cracked me up seeing the curtain girls! HAHAHAHA!
    I was in Target the other day, and gee, some of the fashion?! Wtf are the designers thinking?!

    Bummer about the tat, but as you say, there is no hurry.
    I’ve been wanting another tat for years. I guess one fine day I’ll get it.

    I loves me some Lindt! The crunchy caramel one is my fave. x

    • I almost fell off my chair, I can’t help myself but take photos of such people!!

      My fave lindt is the blueberry intense, which never seems to be in my local stupidmarket. Which is probably a good thing because I’d be shoving it down my throat all the damn time. So happy with the mint though, I do love the mint too!! Mmmm.

  3. Malvern road has Hawksburn State School, where poor RH began his education.

    Don’t get a tattoo, why be common?

  4. It’s at the corner of Malvern road and Surrey road, not far east of Chapel street. Leonard Joel bought it some years ago and it’s now auction rooms. The bubs school: grades one and two east of the main building, have been demolished. That part of the school and playground have been sold off and built upon. Earlier this year I finally got off my bum and went for a poke around the place but was unsure if I’d located the main hall where I heard a boy sing to the assembly with a voice from heaven. That and a few other things stand out. I left there in Grade Three.

  5. Thanks.

  6. Tattooist sounds a bit option B all right. I guess the silver lining in the cloud is that he went troppo before the first session and you didn’t end up with an outline of a shitty internet pic!

    I am a big paisley fan but not sure I’d wear those pants in public — they’d make my wobbly arse look even larger.

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