New music addi(c)tions!

I’ll be the first to admit that my music tastes are stuck somewhere in the 90’s  to the mid 2000’s. I think that’s what happens when you grow older, you hang on to those halcyon days of your misspent youth and the music that was the soundtrack to your life. Well I have anyway.  Music has always been a huge part of my life. Starting out as a band chick, going out 5 nights a week watching various bands around Melbourne’s live venues.  If I think about it, none of those local bands exist anymore, which is kinda sad.  Then morphing into a raver chick, partying far too hard (just the thought of it now hurts my elderly brain) and dancing far too much.  Now the hardest I go is singing loudly to my iPod in the car, or dancing around the house whilst I’m doing the housework. Every now and then I entertain the thought of seeing someone/thing live, but it usually gets relegated to the too hard basket! I like my sleep far too much!

Last week saw the release of two eagerly anticipated albums. First up was The Presets “Pacifica”. I’ve been a big fan of The Presets for a long time, loving both Beams and Apocalypso. Something on TV recently used some of the tracks from Apocalypso so it had had a resurgence of sorts in my music listening. It had become quite the workout favourite. So of course I was keen to see how Pacifica fared.  I wasn’t disappointed. In fact it was one of those rare albums that I fall in love with on the very first listen. The opening track Youth in Trouble builds up wonderfully and sets the scene for an amazing musical journey. By far, my favourite track is the noisy A.O. This track infiltrated my mind and then almost blew it wide open with the acid tech ending. I swear I had a flashback the first time I listened to it!!  Pacifica, to my listening ears, brings back a lot of those old skool ways, the stuff that I was really quite fond of. So of course I love this album.

The second album I was awaiting was Amanda Palmer’s “Theatre Is Evil”. I had donated money to her Kickstarter project and as part of this I am (still) to receive a CD and other paraphernalia, as well as getting tracks via download.  I must admit I arrived late to the Amanda Palmer party, only really getting into her music recently. I think that’s another by product of my stuck musical taste! I knew who she was (& the Dresden Dolls) and I knew some of her music, but it wasn’t until I decided to go to the NYE party with her and Neil last year that I thought I really should sit and listen to her stuff.  Fast forward to last week when I finally got to download Theatre is Evil.  And for the second time in a week I was blown away.  It is an amazing album that I just can’t stop listening to. Total addict.

Then there’s the hype. People saying she’s exploiting performers by asking for volunteers to play on stage with her and the Grand Theft Orchestra (her band).  What a load of tosh. People saying that because she raised over a million dollars that she should be paying everyone. Obviously people have no idea how far money doesn’t go these days. Anyway, she said it better herself in her blog and I must say, I am a thousand percent behind her endeavours. I can’t wait til she comes back to Melbourne to play. Heck, if I had any musical talent I’d volunteer myself to get up on stage and play.  What a buzz that would be.

Anywho, haters be hating and everyone is entitled to their (often loud and abrasive) opinions. Me personally, I don’t care if you like the music (or anything else) I like, that is my choice and your choice. Life would be pretty sucky if we all liked the same stuff. We’d all be clones of one another.

So now it’s Hump Day and I’m desperately wishing it was the weekend already. I had a marvellous weekend full of really interesting conversations and ideas and well, stuff. Secret stuff. Ha ha ha ha! I had dinner with my old awesome friend H on Saturday night. I love spending time with him, we always talk equal amounts of utter shit and fascinating topics.  Sunday was my cousins farewell as she’s moving over to Canada for a few years. I’ve said it before, but I adore spending time with that side of the family, our time spent together is always so laid back and fun.

bunch of freesias that are currently wafting their gorgeous scent about my house!













My cousin’s son & I










Musk tasting amazingness *hic*












my legs look stumpy, i am bending my knees about to jump! Of course!















~ by Fen on September 19, 2012.

12 Responses to “New music addi(c)tions!”

  1. Yay for the new Amanda Palmer album! I cant stop listening to it either. When you follow her blog, she just seems to be such an amazing person. The Presets sounds familiar but I’m not sure i have ever listened to them, but i think ill check them out!

  2. I love the Presets! I became a huge fan with their last album, but haven’t heard any of their other stuff. Have to remedy that soon.

    We’ve got some lovely freesias that I brought with us from our other place… bright yellow one’s, and some deep red ones with white and yellow centres. Lovely

  3. You are right about musical tastes. Obviously the period I remember fondly is a little earlier than yours. I wonder how people like Molly move their tastes on to more modern stuff.

  4. Hello, I adore the Presets and I’ll be buying that album on the weekend. Thanks for the review.

    And thanks for the l’il swanlet* pics — sooooo cute. One thing I miss about working at the navy base is all the birdlife when the swans and ducks and Cape Barren geese strut around with the little ‘uns :-).

    * I know swanlets isn’t a real word.

  5. Tired?!

    Shit, it won’t let me be crankypants again. God the web shits me some days.

  6. Post something.

  7. I can’t believe how old I am. I have never heard of either of those bands and had to google them. And I am so very excited because my partner got us tickets to go see Bruce Springsteen next month. I am very, very old, I fear.

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