Holidays, health & from here on in…

It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted, my how time has flown.  I recently spent 5 and a half days in Perth, soaking up the sunshine and hanging out with my lovely friends. I kinda ran out of time in the end and really could have done with some extra days, but it wasn’t to be. I’ll be back at some stage, if only for the awesome beaches!



I guess all these little trips and things are part of me finding my feet again. I had some blood tests done before I left for Perth and got the results yesterday. My liver function is still not good, but it has improved and to be honest I’m not sure that it will ever be normal. Everything else was just fine (oh apart from my vit D levels, but this is what happens when you spend 6 months in and out of hospital over summer!).  I’m about to book in and get my eyes checked, as I’ve been having mad headaches and my glasses don’t seem to assist anymore, they actually feel like they harm my vision more than anything.

I’ve come to an understanding in my head that I need to get out now and just enjoy myself, after the hell I’ve been through. I’ve booked tickets to see Meow Meow in 3 weeks, Amanda Palmer in February and just now agreed to go see Oliver Lieb in November!  I’m putting myself back out there, because it’s time I stopped being such a hermit. I think I feel ready to face the world again, rediscover who I am and what I’m about. So look out. I’m bringing naughty back! (as naughty as this Nanna gets anyway).


~ by Fen on October 11, 2012.

11 Responses to “Holidays, health & from here on in…”

  1. Perth huh. Did you like it? Walk for half an hour each lunch time. Walking is good and you get some vitamin D.

    • Loved Perth, it’s laid back and pretty and full of nice people! I don’t often have time to walk at lunch, never fear, I’ll replenish my D’s soon!

  2. I want S’s icecream but also the flat stomach that YOU have!

    • That icecream was Mum’s apple pie or something like that with another flavour, he was well pleased with his purchase!!

  3. That’s right, go out, see some shows, live or it’ll be taken from you.
    You must go out. I notice my comments get stale when I stay at home, not worth deleting, even by feminists.

  4. Not good about your liver function. But yay for getting out and about again!

    • yeh i’m not sure my liver will ever function normally, so it’s okay. Yes, very good to get out and about and live again 🙂

  5. Do you leave the phone ringing, ignore knocks at the door? Answer some of these comments!

    • Yes I do let my phone ring if I’m not in the mood & I have a do not knock sticker to ward off salespeople! Is that good enough for you RH?

  6. If you say so.

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