green thumb weekend

The one thing I love about my job is that it is an outreach job. I go to people and see them in their own homes. Or sometimes I turn the outdoors into my office.  When the weather is lovely, as it was today, I gently convince my clients that they really would like to go out into the warmth. Mostly they agree and love spending time outside, chatting their day away with me!

Office # 1 – Port Melbourne

Office # 2 – Albert Park Lake

I had a very laid back weekend. I spent Saturday morning at Garden World with my Nan. They have some really impressive dinosaurs there now. Unfortunately they’re of the statue kind, not real ones! My Nan did muse that the world would be an interesting place if they were still alive.


It’s Tricey!

I have planted tomatoes again this year and fingers crossed they won’t succumb to the horrid fungal infection they have the last 2 years. They’re in all new pots with a good potting mix and nothing touching my existing soil.  I really really want my own bloody tomatoes. If they fail again at least my Nan has 3 lots in this year, I shall just pinch hers like usual!  I’ve put in 3 tomato plants, lettuces and garlic. I wish I had a great big garden, like the first house I owned. I had an amazing yard with a huge veggie patch that Mum and I both grew stuff in. I even set up my own amazing sprinkler system so I didn’t have to stand and water it (though that can be therapy in itself).


Alex assisted me

Tamika supervised

relaxing after working hard

Sunday I visited my old flattie in Brunswick and wandered around checking things out. There’s a lot of development around the area now, things are steadily changing. I was disappointed to find my favourite restaurant Green Field was no longer open on a Sunday so I had to settle for Godfather’s Pizza instead!

Now that I’ve upped my personal training to twice a week I think I can afford a pizza once in a while!!


~ by Fen on October 22, 2012.

9 Responses to “green thumb weekend”

  1. Tiger cat certainly knows how to place his tail for discretion. Should your tomatoes bear fruit, please send me some and I will stop saying how bad Australian tomatoes are.

  2. Tomato fungus can be a bitch. I try to prevent it by putting my tomatoes in the ground instead of in a pot, gives it more space to spread out. But, if you don’t have a garden to do that, make sure that when you water, you only water the soil, not the leaves. If it get too bad, you can use an organic treatment called Serenade. It really does work. Ah. I miss Spring!

  3. I love Alex’s gorgeous spots and wonder what both your cats would think if you brought home one of this dinosaurs and put it in your garden?

    • Ha ha they’d probably love it, Alex would want to climb on it. They’re very big though, I’d have to get a 1/4 sized one!

  4. I like the smile on that first dinosaur, jolly fellow.
    Good luck with the tomatoes. Of course they’ll always do better in the ground where the roots can spread out.

  5. Hey, where’s your reply, courtesy costs nothing. Ignorance is free too, but indexed. Watch out, I’ll grope you in Chapel Street. Stay clear of doorways. I’m not kidding.

  6. Taking up my position. Hear the fairies squeal. “‘OH what an uncouth ma-a-a-an!” Yes well they’re visitors in Chapel Street, tourists. I own it.

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